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Thread: TRA wont start

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    TRA wont start

    I have an AMD64 3000+ with 2GB RAM and an ATI HD4650 AGP video card. When I try to start TRA, the screen goes dark then lighter, like it's trying to start then black and back to Windows. About 1 in 3 tries, I get a "Send Error" dialog box.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    I don't know problem because I don't have pc version but I do have a suggestion what you could do...

    First, if you have another game system get a refund and buy the other game systems version, may have some disadvantages but it's better then not having it...

    Second, just get a refund and buy another version.. Don't have to get another version but it's better to get you're money back for you.

    Third, if you don't wanna do any of those then check your PC to see if it can run it here is link to check it:

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    try to reinstal the game or modify you display setting:

    - controle panel
    - display
    - apparence
    the try to change the setting ( if you have perfect view screen : 1152*864 )
    good luck
    congratulations you've just read my comment

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