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Unstable graphics / sound

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    Unstable graphics / sound


    since today I've experienced some kind of lagging graphics / sound. If I for example swing the camera around the scene gets twisted more than it used to do so. And in general it feels kinda laggish, like If I'd play the game with to high settings on a computer which could barely handle it , allthough my system didn't really change at all.
    In addition the sound is also somewhat twisted some times, for example if I play Alchemist and use Healing Mist it clearly tears apart every time.
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    What else was running? Computer specs? What version of windows?
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    I usually don't run anything besides the software for my gamepad, and sorry for replying so late <.<

    Here are my specs.

    Edit: Seems to be a kind of fps issue, yet I don't know why. Reinstalling didn't change anything.
    Edit 2: It also seems that the longer I play the worse it gets, if I start a new game everything is fine.
    Edit 3: This time I joined an already ongoing match, where the lag was present from the start of playing. I also experienced some heavy sound glitches from the start.
    Edit 4: While playing one game my antivir alarmed me about files that significantly decrease my computers performance, yet I'm not sure if it was related to the game, even though it'd make sense.
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    Welp, am I the only one with this problem? I really questioned the performance of my computer, and did tests and stuff but everything seems fine...

    The only thing that i recognized is, that I had some win 7 update between "no lag" and "lag" :/