Thread: More heat maps please.

More heat maps please.

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    Rolleyes More heat maps please.

    Can we have more heat maps, mabye one every two weeks or so.
    I love the heat map section of the website I just wish there was more of then.

    Heatmaps I would like to see;
    • Civilain deaths
    • Road kills
    • Aircraft crashes
    • Hijacking of enemy vehicles

    Please use this tread to disscus and suggest heatmap ideas.

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    Yea they are pretty neat. If they were updated more often i would try and make a huge dot somewhere from my own deaths haha

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    I love how the civilian airport has a bright hot spot where people have tried to take the helicopter out of the hanger! LOL

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    Yeah, or there is a mission there, so it could explain it.
    If you look at the end of the runways, you can see the people how have tried to grapple a car to a plane but the trethers snaped as it took off so they landed in the water and died. It looks like the fire from the tip of a gun.

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    what caused the bright spot at the start of the runway?

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    Yea they are pretty neat.