Thread: [Bug] Ennemies stucked on walls - being shooted from everywhere.

[Bug] Ennemies stucked on walls - being shooted from everywhere.

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    [Bug] Ennemies stucked on walls - being shooted from everywhere.

    I've discovered a very annonyng bug: some ennemies spawn inside indestructible buildings, or directly in the wall.

    The thinga is that those guys are WAY bugged:

    1. They can shoot me from ALL points of the building: meaning they can move inside the building, and their shots can go trough walls -> no cover possible, only way to escape is runninng.

    2. Some of them have sawed shotguns -> bam in your face at 1 meter, game over, and you didn't even see them.

    3. I can't shoot them. Well, afther all MY weapons are not bugged.

    4. Sometimes, I see their hands coming from building -> they try actually to go outside, but they can't.

    5. Incedibly fast rate of fire -> Never being shot by a shotgun at 1 fire per second. -> Bam, bam bam...

    6. Some of them (the ones I can see their hands coming from buildings) can be killed by grenades and bazookas. But, this means approaching the bugged guy -> shotguns can do massive damage.

    7. When I send grenades, sometimes I see those guys actually get outside the building, escaping explosion -> What the [YouKnowWhatGoesHere]? How?

    Well, can't take screenshots as the bug does not appear very clear, but I can say that it appears every time I visit some military bases, so it means that the default respawn is wrong, and it's not a crazy algorithm that changed the respawn of one of Panau military to just shoot me down.. I will take note of their names (the bases that are bugged).

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    The military of Panau have the guns from the movie Eraser, you should know this already they are the most advanced military in the world with literally an endless supply of combatants, I've already killed about 3,000 of them for instance and only taken over 1/4 of the map with 100% completed towns/military bases/etc for the south west and south center of the map. It's annoying, I agree. This is why I DON'T feel bad about cheating in games like this, AI cheats so do I, there, on a level playing field.