Thread: Not receiving class token at rank 10

Not receiving class token at rank 10

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    No Class Unlock Artifact?

    I've been playing the game for a while now, and I know the system of "Get to level 5/10/15/20, get a class", and when I got to level 5, I did get an artifact and unlocked the Sentinel with it. But now when I got to level 10, I didn't get this artifact. It doesn't show up in my inventory, and if I try to buy a class (Scout, specifically), it tells me that I don't have an artifact and they are awarded at every 5 levels.

    Did I do something that didn't please the all-powerful and mighty Kain? D:

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    Missing Lvl 10 Class Unlock Artifact

    hello everyone!
    unfortunately I've never got my lvl 10 class unlock artifact!
    I hope you can fix this

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    Same situation I'm in. It seems that my lvl 5 artifact took some mins to get delivered, but the level 10 is being stubborn, refusing to get into my inventory.

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    Unhappy Why didn't I get a Class Unlock Artifact when I got level 15?

    I just hit level 15. I thought I would get a class unlock artifact right away, but when I clicked purchase by using artifact to unlock the new class, it said I did not have one. I turned off my game, restarted, and did the same thing again, but It still says I don't have a class unlock artifact. Is it a bug or I have to wait for like one day to get a artifact? Please help.

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    There seems to be a bug where you need to get a bit more XP than intended.
    Basically, when you're somewhere between 15 and 16 you will get the artifact.

    If you hit 16 and you still don't have it, then I'd be worried.
    Try to play through another match and update the post with what happens

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    As far as I know you need to wait for a day or two before it pops up in your inventory. Happened to me.

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    Speaking of LVL 20 character rewards. I've got 3 rewards yesterday for all human classes ONLY after I leveled them past mid-20-21 line. I almost believe now that it is a prerequisite to get a reward and I think time has nothing to do with it?
    Is it intended? Also when did you guys get your 20lvl rewards?
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    Missing lvl 15 Character Artifact!

    As the title says, I reached level 15 but did not receive an Artifact to unlock a new class. I thought it was temporary but i'm almost level 16 now and still haven't received one yet. Please help.

    Regards Loonzar

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    Where my class token? :o

    Today i'm reach 10 lvl but i cant buy any class, because i dont have this token. in FAQ written: you receive token on 5, 10, 15, 20 lvls etc.
    Sry for my eng

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    Remove thread, got it at lvl 16 instead...

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    Same here.. just turned level 10 and don't have my token.............

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    And I can join this club now. Level 10. The game is great. Thanks to all who helped develop it. The site too.

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    I reach 15 lvl gimme me my artifact! >

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    Unhappy Awww. How much need wait?

    Sry for offtop again but i cant wait longer. yesterday i reach lvl 15, but dont receive artifact atfter 12+ hrs of waiting. help please. cant wait more
    sorry for my english :P
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    There’s an ongoing bug which the dev team are aware of…

    Sometimes if you level up again (reach 16) – then it can jumpstart it…if not I’m afraid it’s just playing the waiting game…sorry

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    Rank 10 class unlock artifact??

    So I hit rank 10 after a grueling match... (we didn't come out on top >.>; ) and I think to myself "Oh boy! I can get the Deceiver class now! .... Nope. Did not receive my unlock token.

    Is there a fix for this issue? Pretty please help me out Nosgoth.... I love you.

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    Hey Irish,

    Unfortunately you just have to be patient and wait for an Artifact to appear in your inventory. I heard people receiving them after a week or so of delay. I waited for a day or two.

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    Thanks for the info. Was unable to open up the other posts on the topic. Something about not having authorization or something. I appreciate it!

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    You're welcome

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    I think it's just the system has a hiccup that prevents them from getting the level 10 unlock artifact. But just in case, I'm missing my unlock token as well.

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    Hi guys,

    We discovered a bug with the client XP calculation that will be fixed in a future update.

    What this means for you:
    - You aren't missing tokens/unlocks, but you aren't ACTUALLY the level you think you are; you're slightly lower. If you hit level 10, you're actually closer to Level 9.
    - If you keep playing, you should hit the actual level on the backend and get your unlock

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    That's good to know. Thanks Corey!

    Edit: Does it only apply to lv. 10 or the whole XP calculation is bugged?
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    Missing Level 10 Class Artifact

    I didn't get a class artifact for level 10.
    My account is linked to steam so I go by "limes18", nickname "Flinch the Furclown".

    I'd really appreciate help.

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    Didn't get a Class Unlock Token at Level 10 neither...could use some of that magic, too! :P

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    That would explain why waiting few days after reaching the needed level would work.

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