If you have Just Cause 2 exclusive downloadable content (through a pre-order, retail promotion or from the European Limited edition) you will need to access this downloadable content via Steam.

Leaflets inserted within some of the Just Cause 2 packs guide you to use Games for Windows LIVE® to redeem the content. This information is incorrect, please follow these Steam activation instructions below instead and not those on the leaflet.


1. Launch and sign into Steam. Use the same Steam account that was used to activate main game*.
2. Select My games tab at top of Steam window.
3. Select Activate a product on Steam… at bottom of Steam window.
4. Enter code – Downloadable Content will now be available in game for you to enjoy!

*Please activate main game before redeeming Downloadable Content.

The error made in the printing of the leaflet does not affect the content or the redemption code in any way, these will work correctly.
We apologise for any inconvenience.