Thread: Display driver keeps crashing

Display driver keeps crashing

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    Display driver keeps crashing

    I have a HD 3650 Mobility, everything set on low and 800x600 resolution (game still looks epic, BTW), and after playing for about 4 hours, I get a "the display driver has stopped responding but has recovered successfully" message. This causes Just Cause 2 to stop working right (black screen but everything is still going), and I have to quit. This happened a few times in the demo, and I'm worried that it will keep happening in my retail version too. Oh, and I have the Catalyst 10.3 pre-release drivers.

    Is anyone having this problem? Fixes/solutions?
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    After 4 hours you say? i get the feeling that your laptop is kindly telling you that its HOT and needs a break.. do you have it on a hard flat surface? are the fans under the laptop clear and given as much air flow as possible? <-thas me hehe
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    I have a cooling pad under the laptop and it barely breaks 80C under stress. The T9300 can take up to 104C - and believe me, I've been there many times when I was having problems with dust in the vents. The computer just cuts out.
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    Hey mate, having the same problem as you from the full version of the game. Same graphics card also.

    Have you solved your problem.

    Link to my problem: