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Faction Vehicles.

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    Faction Vehicles.

    In the first game, each faction had they're own, or at least a version of, each vehicle to themselves. I've noticed the helicopters in the demo are all owned under the Panau government, however at the beginning of the game you are dropped by a similar helicopter. Will each faction have they're own logo'd vehicles that are repainted, but not additional in the "104 vehicles" count?

    I'd rather land a Reaper helicopter in the middle of town to liberate the civilians, than the governments own vehicles of fear or whatever..

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    They already do have their own vehicles. Outside of the demo area is the reaper hideout(It's visible in the intro), which contains several Reapers colored trucks. Plus, the Reapers helicopter as seen in the witness mission. Dunno if there's a flyable version, though.
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    what are the co-ords for that area, been trying to find it :P