Thread: Why Deus Ex 1 Sucked

Why Deus Ex 1 Sucked

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    Why Deus Ex 1 Sucked

    Look, we all know that Deus Ex only succeeded as a game because of it's atmosphere (and there shere quantity of goodies inside ) but mostly because of how, down to earth, it really is... but the game is quite horrible.

    In particular:

    A) Accuracy and Mastery
    When the game starts out, you're QUITE human...
    In fact, you're VERY human... you don't have any uber-qualities worth mentioning. (Well, besides being able to see further than 10 feet! [And in the shadows no less, it's AMAZING])

    Now this all changes after you get a weapon skill to master... well, that and a few accuracy mods.
    Enemies really don't get much better at shooting at you, but you're now able to pretty much kill any enemy in one or two shots... and it's not too hard to get there either.

    This means that it's not your augs that are your real strength... But your skills... and weapon mods.

    B) Weapon Mods
    Seriously, these are way over powered... and are handled very poorly.
    Instead of applying 5 accuracy mods, you should have the ability to remove a "lesser" accuracy mod and apply a "greater" accuracy mod.

    I mean, be reasonable... with 5 bricks clampped on, 5 barrels of oil poured into the gun, 5... clip things... what kinda of franken-gun are you touting about?

    C) Hacking
    Now, I happen to be a proponent against "You need lvl 5 hacking to hack this computer" type messages... but letting a person run around with only "trained" hacking seems to defeat the point of hacking.

    Anyone should be able to hack any system... but the chance of them hacking should be the factor changed here... that, and the chance of triggering an alarm.

    D) On Quests and Venders
    This is one of my biggest disapointments in Deus Ex... the inability to kill venders and steal their wares.

    E) Alarms
    Once they go off, they should stay off. End story. How does
    "Hello, police, I saw a man in a big trench coat running around shooting people. I think he's hiding behind the crates but I can't see him now so I'll assume he left" make any sense? Too many games use this pattern to make "stealth combat" engines viable... but it's completely illogical.

    F) Third best Alternative
    For all intensive purposes, the game considers a person knocked unconcious to be dead.

    G) Airvents!
    Okay, okay... totally classic gameplay... but enemies should be able to follow you into airvents...

    H) AI!
    Need I explain further?

    Deus Ex is fun... but it's just too damn easy... I have to specifically give my enemy an advantage for them to take it

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    Moved to correct forum... just in case there is someone around who wants to read and respond.

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    You cannot say this no matter what you do, the game kicks ass not only now but even when it was released it was a breakthrough game way before FEAR, COD and crysis saw the light of day.

    Of course you cannot compare the gameplay but if you think about it DX1 is not really a straight forward shooter game, there is a lot of stealth and planning involved before you make an approach to your targets.

    It is definitely a game that everyone else tried to copy and that's very easy to see, don't you think?

    And besides where is the enjoyment and satisfaction when you have to hack a game so you can play it, just kick back and enjoy the gameplay the way it was meant to be from the developers.

    So...allow me to express myself:


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    The thread title should be "What sucked in DX?" because you said in the end that you had fun.
    You said that once you get to master a weapon you can kill enemies easily. Well... that's the purpose of it. It was your choice...

    Well I understand your points but just don't forget that this game is a 9 years old Hybrid FPS/RPG game. There weren't many games like this at that time.

    If you want to know more about the development of Deus Ex you might find the postmortem an interesting read.

    Now try to play the game at "Realistic" difficulty setting and good luck.

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    I believe I dislike you.
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    Mosillivo, this game sucked compared to what? Name one game where people follow you into vents. Every game has its own problems (graphics, bugs, story). I think the fact that Deus Ex is almost 10 years old, and you only mentioned 8 complaints (which could be modified to apply to almost any game), demonstrates how great the game is. If you wanted people to read your comments as constructive criticism, you shouldn't have included the word "sucked" in the title.

    Instead of giving your enemies an advantage, give yourself a disadvantage. I'm not quite sure, but I think you can beat the entire game with only lams(I'm 99% sure you can get to Hong Kong with only lams).

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    I guess he was right to say that but not this way
    I mean... no! the game DID NOT sucked! but yes, there are loads of strange stuffs in this awesome game. And if you search a bit, you'll find some mods made to upgrade the game
    (Unknow name, Saw that they were listing bugs on OTP)

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    Comepletely missing the point

    Everything in this thread is automatically wrong, since Deus Ex didn't suck. The AI sucked, the AI in every possible way really, really sucked, but did DX suck? No. It did not, sir.
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    For me Deus Ex 1 didn't suck and here is why....
    I played through it many times, trying to do different stuff, and I have fun doing it every time. If the game sucked I likely wouldn't have made it through once.

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    I could swear that this thread is a troll thread, but I agree with A, C, E, F, and H, mostly A and H.