Thread: Please make generic Joystick / Logitech G13 bindings possible

Please make generic Joystick / Logitech G13 bindings possible

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    Please make generic Joystick / Logitech G13 bindings possible

    I own a Logitech G13, which is a small mini-keyboard with thumbstick attached.
    This stick can be assigned to full joystick support, or emulate keys.

    I'm completely unable to use a controller thumbstick for aiming, so this way I have the best of both worlds:
    Analog control for movement
    Mouse for aiming
    Only the thumb needed for movement, four fingers and 16+ keys for other controls
    Especially for games that mix vehicle control with FPS shooting, it is a godsend.

    However, in the JC2 demo I'm unable to bind joystick axis to movement, which is a huge disappointment for me.
    I've been waiting for this game ever since I found out JC to be the first true spiritual successor to one of my all time sandbox classics, Flames of Freedom.

    I could use key emulation support, but that takes away a lot of the vehicle control.
    For people that use generic joysticks for vehicle control, switching between stick and mouse/keyboard, this must also be a problem.

    Please could you add a request to bind joystick axis to movement for non-360 controllers for an upcoming patch?
    People playing games on PCs mostly do so because they loathe the lack of mouse precision on console controller configurations.

    We wouldn't even need an ingame interface for it, we can usually make do with config files (although yours seems to be binary instead of text).
    After all the trouble you went through to make this an outstanding game on PC instead of a hasty port, this would be the icing on the cake.

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    another thing the developers could do is allow the use of PlayStation controller mapping, as I have a PS3 and have the demo on that too, a couple of PS2 controller converters that plug into a USB2.0 slot; I can also just plug a charge cable of the PS3 controllers to use those and would love to be able to use a PS2/3 controller instead of those y xbox controllers for the game
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    OK, I've found a very cool little program where you can remap ANY game controller/joystick to a (virtual) XBox 360 controller.

    This way, anyone could map their specific joystick to the Xbox 360 Xinput API. HOWEVER, due to the way XBox 360 autodetection is implemented in this, game, we loose mouse input when steering with the controller.

    PLEASE make an option to disable Xbox controller auto detection, and an option in the key bindings to bind only selected axis/keys from the controller, without needing to sacrifice the mouse axis for aiming !