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Thread: The Just Cause 2 Screenshot Thread

The Just Cause 2 Screenshot Thread

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    Big Grin The Just Cause 2 Screenshot Thread

    Hi !

    Ok, the game is available on all platform now, why don't we share some crazy ingame shots, like awesome stunts, amazing sunrises, special hidden areas, gas canister riding, or simply weird stuff ?

    Just a thing, I ask you to just follow one rule : please post only miniature links or 640 pix large max

    Originally Posted by Driber
    please don't directly post images larger than 640 pixels wide as it screws up the forum layout

    use our new [thumb] BB code to make them smaller:
    Why ?
    - Well, I think Driber is pretty clear here. ^^

    If you don't know how to post a shot :
    - You can use Fraps to take screenshots, it's free and can also record movies. Or, you can use the old school method, push printscreen in game, then alt/tab to Paint (or whatever image program) and paste the screen in.
    EDIT: Don't seams to work, I always have a black screen when using printscreen. Maybe it depends on your config.

    - Then you can go to imageshack for exemple, browse to your screenshot, and upload it. It will give you different codes to post your image. You will use the thumbnail link starting with [URL= or the link starting with [IMG] if you got a small image.

    Please follow these simple rules, I'm sure it will be better for everybody.
    I hope to see some incredible shots around. Console captures are absolutely welcome, despite the fact that it is very difficult to take screenshots on these machines, you can try with your cellphones or your capture card if you're that rich.

    Thank you, and have fun in Panau

    EDIT: Alright, first shots, just to show how fun and easy it is

    P.S. Sorry for the english, still using some translators, will edit as much as I can.

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    having a big monitor isnt really the issue..
    its the fact that the image spans so far apart that it makes the regular 1,200 pixel width of the forum seem akward.

    Looking forward to PC screenshots

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    He's taking a dump lol

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    One thing that bothers me in the PC demo is the amount of grain the first cutscene has, why the hell is it there? I didn't notice anything like it on the 360 version so why is it there on the PC version? I hope that gets fixed.

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    nice pics guys, ill try and get some up tomorrow!

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    Cool !

    Here some more :

    EDIT: More and more ^^

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    this is my first post. and here some of mine pics:


    I hope that everything is in order.
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    Nice little glitch in demo.

    (click image to enlarge)
    and a scorpion

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Originally Posted by genaga
    Nice little glitch in demo.
    <<pic of hole>>
    OMG. Did you go down it? lol.
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    Originally Posted by Rocket Propelled Rocket
    OMG. Did you go down it? lol.
    its not a glitch its were they took out the building to save space on the demo download size, because that is out of the demo bounders ...

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    this game is so good!

    Snapped this pic of me snapping this guy of his helo!


    (click image to enlarge)

    screenshot from this video:

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    Awesome pics guys, well done ! Keep going

    And ManScuz, you rocks ^^

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    Originally Posted by DjParagon
    Awesome pics guys, well done ! Keep going

    And ManScuz, you rocks ^^
    thx Dj!

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    Here some more :

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    Up with some more :

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    And more travelling in this great place that is Panau Island :

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    Hot air baloon and bubble gun.

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    can i join too?
    I play the xbox 360 version, but the people arent too excited to take screenshots from the television!
    BUT, if if you have an hdtv you can just take a photo with the flash turned off and it goes perfectly!
    Here some!

    Hot air Balloon!

    Lake with the "shark"

    The "floating rock"

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    (click image to enlarge)


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    please don't directly post images larger than 640 pixels wide as it screws up the forum layout

    use our new [thumb] BB code to make them smaller:

    I've edited some of the above posts with the [thumb] code ^

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    Thx Driber, I updated first post with your quote. Yeah, nobody read the rules these days...

    Another series of quick shots :

    Nice shots rogerhnn, you're absolutely welcome ^^

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    My Screens :-)

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    Originally Posted by AussieSausage
    And HOW exactly did you get a ninja?

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    was driveing and well this happen. i need to practice more.

    and if you cant see it because its dark i crash my car and it got stuck in tree

    i got gamma turn down.

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