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Thread: Official review thread

Official review thread

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    need review for my son

    Hey everyone, I'm not actually a Just Cause 2 player, but wanted to get opinions for my son. He is seven and wants me to buy him the game and says he can just do the stunts without playing the storyline with all the shooting. I've watched some of the video posts and it does look really cool. Is what he says true? Can he just do the stunts?


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    The first time i played this game was before the trophies update had happened, I had over 250hrs of game play, held 4 of the 5 top player spots at one point, and have finished 98.83%, I still am unable to finish to this day to 100% because what I need to find and destroy are like 2 or 3 pole transformers and some pipeline station I think?, my only complaint (now) is that at say 95-98% completion you could buy a devise that would show the location of those couple missed items so folks could get 100%, I mean come on now, Panau is big and when you need 3 small items it becomes very very hard to find the needle in the hay stack. Anyway thats not really why I'm here, I was looking at my trophies list and noticed I had never gotten any trophies for this game, so I started a new game on hard and I'm going for trophies, I'm not interested in 100% this time unless I would need to for trophies?, anyway, this is and will always be for now my favorite game of the 237 PS3 games I own (I collect them so I only buy new and keep them). I hope to hear about a Just Cause 3 in the future, and please add wingsuits, I'm a pro Skydiver and sometime B.A.S.E. jumper who actually flies wingsuits for realz and i felt that that would have made #2 my super duper all time favorite ever W/puppies and kittens on top favorite, buttttt, without the suit its only going to be my favorite PS3 game ever, Good Job EIDIOS.

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