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Thread: Lara Croft Auditions

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    Smile Lara Croft Auditions

    Hi I am interested and would like to audition as lara croft to be a model could somebody please tell me who I could contact? or where I would look on the internet for lara croft auditions.

    My dream is to become the real lara croft and I would love to model her in the game it is my passion in life.

    I have many photos and friends and family say I look like lara croft I just need to send in one of my photos to a professional.

    If anybody could help me on the forums that would be great.
    I love everything to do with lara I dress like her and have videos.

    please get in touch with me via the forums

    from Louise

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    Hey, I am the one to contact. Send me your photos in Lara's outfits and swimsuit, I'll contact you if you're selected... Lies, just joking

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck with the auditions
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    You would need to get yourself an agent and they would do the contacting I should think.
    Emma Watson would make a great Lara, and a British actress should play a British icon!

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    From what I have herad of the model interviews, the models heard about the auditions from their agencies. So you have to be signed up in an agency like that

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    Hi I would like to delete my posts can anyone tell me what I have to do to remove my posts and my profile with tomb raider forums?

    Many thanks
    from Louise

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