Thread: Welcome to the FINAL FANTASY VIII forum!

Welcome to the FINAL FANTASY VIII forum!

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    Welcome to the FINAL FANTASY VIII forum! This forum is specifically designed to discuss the eigth FINAL FANTASY title released for the numbered series. Feel free to discuss your thoughts, memories, strategies, and everything else FINAL FANTASY VIII with fellow players on this forum, but remember to consider the opinions of others and keep all conversations civil and respectful. If you haven’t already, please read the official guidelines for the forum before posting.

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    Hello to all! Is it possible for Square Enix to make a Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XI HD Remaster for PS3? like Final Fantasy X/X-2. Thanks Guys!

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    well I do hope they will make a remaster for this installments especially on Final Fantasy 8 XD...And..I wonder if square still plans to have a remake of Final Fantasy 7?? whoa!! XD

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    Patch the atrocious MIDI soundtrack of the Final Fantasy VIII Steam Edition with the PS1 soundtrack or you will not receive more money from me.