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Current stats on TROTB 2...

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    Originally Posted by GORT
    Just remember that this FM set requires the blooming effects to make certain things look right (ex: The Sunlight, Fire Creatures, and other lit up things
    This blooming effect came with the 1.19 patch?

    Originally Posted by GORT
    OK, I'm pretty much caught up to where I was before switching to v1.19. I'm still working on the 10th mission, but I'm a bit over half-way done with the architecture of the whole mission. All I got to do is get the palace created. Then setup objectives and what-not. Here an updated pic of the palace entrance.
    Missions in sunlight!! Wha... I really enjoy this kind of missions. And I can see you are setting some futuristic environments, like in the coolest levels of the first MOD. Great!!
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    Post Current Stats...

    Things slowed down a bit due to RL events that I just couldn't avoid. Some good and a few that were pretty bad. But I am making progress here. The objectives are almost done for the 10th mission. Right now, I'm testing out the functions of the conversations to make sure they work right no matter what goes on in the mission. Also, I'm testing the way I've got Saria (the character that gets played in this mission) being able to let Garrett know when it is a good time to follow her by having the player use a walkie talkie. (Should I show a video example of this?) So far, its working like a charm after the player double-presses the item button. It would be nice if I could get it to be a single press, but it was pretty tricky to get it to work at all. Well, at least its working right now.

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    Showing a Video Example...

    Here's a video link of what I was talking about.
    Click Here

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    Post Current Stats...

    Well, I'm now working on the 11th mission.
    There's crap load for me to do here. I've got to make the fighter jets fly correctly and the flight path is in working order. Here's a pic so far.

    Main objective...
    Get to that Mechanist Zeppelin. I still need to create the flying contraption that Garrett needs to use in order to get there.

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    Post Current Stats...

    It is becoming a bit tricky, but I am making some progress on the flight paths. Here's a video of what I've got so far. Click Here to see the video.
    There's still a whole lot to do here. Hope you guys like it.

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    Post Current Stats...

    Things are going quite well in the 11th mission. Still need to put in more jet flight patterns, but that shouldn't take too long. I'm currently roughly at about 50% done with the mission. In the mission, there are more things to watch out for besides the jets dropping bombs on you. I'm going to try my darnedest to make this mission not very easy. Beatable, but not very easy.

    When Garrett's health gets too low, the flying machine triggers the emergency alarm. I should see if I could make it also add some flames to machine.
    You will be able to move while flying. You'll need to if you don't want to die.

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    Post Current Stats...

    Well, things are moving along. Right now, I'm working on the cargo and maintenance floors. Here are some pics so far. It's not much but here...

    As you can see, I am making some kind of progress here on this last mission. But this is just only the first area of the whole carrier. I'm not so sure if I want it so that the player could be able to walk outside on the landing strip. It would be a nice touch (maybe that should be Garrett's escape area).

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    Looks pretty cool... And those modern jets...

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    Post Camera View...

    In the last mission, Garrett will be able to see what the security cameras are seeing. Here's a video of what it looks like so far. If any of the cameras get damaged (like with a fire arrow), the view will be nothing but white noise.
    Click here to see the video.

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    BEYOND AWESOMENESS!!! I suggest you to add the camera noise and a greenish tint of the camera view, since their eyes are green.

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    Post Current Stats...

    So far, so good. It's getting a little slow on the progress side, but I'm still going at it (I'm trying to get a Graphic Design position at my workplace). Here's a pic of the outside of the hover carrier.

    That crane took some work to get in DromEd without scaring it, but I was able to eventually get it in.

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    Are you trying to work as graphic designer? What is your current profession?

    Elements of our modern worlds makes your missions mad and full of charming

    can't wait to play it.
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    At the moment, I'm a Crew Leader in the packaging department of my workplace. I don't want to waste my true talent that worked for since High School.

    BTW: Here's what the hover carrier's exterior looks like so far. There's still much to be done here.

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    Hell, it's HUGE!! Whatta hell is this?? It seems some kind of aerial aircraft carrier!

    You definitively breached the Thief world into someone new and different. Glad to see the great Mechanists still rules (as it should be).
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    He he. This is the Hover Carrier I was talking about in the last mission. Yes, it is indeed huge. Thank goodness that the new dark engine v1.21 can take it. That is not just an object. You actually start inside of this beast of a machine, operated by the Mechanists under Sir Edward's (Karras's lost son) order.

    This might be considered to be a spoiler.

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    I will not click the spoiler XD lol

    I want to play with surprise, otherwiase how funny would be??...

    A Karras' son? This might sound interesting...
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    Wow, you are a graphics wizard, Gort.

    I am eagerly awaiting the release, and testing if the opportunity presents itself.

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    Yeah, you are right, Peter
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    Post Current Stats...

    Yeah, thanks to that new dark engine update, I have more possibilities of level design.

    I'm getting pretty close for beta testing now. I'm almost done with the last mission. Before this whole FM set goes beta, I'll need to rally up the actual voice actors instead of the TTS robot voices (although its a bit amusing to hear some of them talking to each other). Also, I still need to construct some of the cut-scenes to make a better storyline. They'll be either in-game recordings and transitional stills. I can't do the movie stuff in anim8or ATM.

    So, yeah. I'm getting there guys.

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    Post Current Stats...

    Things are going great for the FM set. I'm now currently gathering up all of the conversations and putting them on a list. Once I'm done with that, I'll start recruiting voice actors. It's all starting to sound like I'll be able to have this FM set to go Beta soon.

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    Current Stats... (Voice acting time)

    OK. I've pretty much got all of the lines straiten out so they make a little more sense in the FM set. Now it's time to rally up the voice actors. I've already have someone voice acting Richter Kensington. I'm a little uncertain about Saria at the moment (lots of voice acting for her). There's quite a bit for Garrett too. I also need voice acting for these characters.

    Egyptian Guard 1
    Egyptian Guard 2
    Misc Hammerite
    Sir Edward
    King Magnus
    King David
    King Brian
    Misc Female Villager 1
    Misc Male Villager 1
    Pagan Male
    Misc Male Guard 1
    Misc Female Guard
    Mage Apparition
    Warrior Apparition
    Keeper Apparition

    So, yeah. That's where I'm at right now.

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    Who is Ammon? Isn't a synonim of bullets, or something like that?

    For the Pagan Male you could take the Pagan Male from Thief 3, same for Misc Male Guard 1.

    I have a studio microphone here, maybe...
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    Post Current Stats...

    OK. I've haven't been here for a while. Getting back to posting on this thread was kinda weird, but here I am. Anyway, I'm still working on this FM set for Thief 2. Things are looking up. I'm getting my voice actors now. There is still much to be done, but just to make this post a little worth while I'll show you the 4th mission's briefing video I've put on youtube. Hope you all like it. The voice actor for Saria is Caradavin from ttlg.

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    Post Current Stats...

    OK, things are moving along. I'm getting more voice actors for this FM set. While I'm getting the voice overs in, I'm also putting in a few hidden missions. Now these missions won't be part of the storyline, but I'd figure it would be fun to have them in there. There won't be any clues on how to get to them. I want that to be a secret. What you'll see here is what one of them looks like. I'm sure a few of you will know what it's referencing.

    This is where you'll start at.

    Here's another area of the mission

    Not sure what this is yet? Maybe this will help.

    I've even manage to make some of the potions to work pretty well. Here's the green potion at work.


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