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Thread: Current stats on TROTB 2...

Current stats on TROTB 2...

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    Post Current stats on TROTB 2...

    Yup. That's right The Rebellion of the Builder 2 is being worked on. So far, the first mission is pretty much complete and the second mission is about half-way. I'm kinda projecting this FM set to be about 10 missions long. Here are some pics for ya...
    Mission 1: The Sands of Fire and Ice

    Mission 2: A Travel Through Smelter Volcano

    There is still a whole lot to be done on this FM set. I'll try to post more pics when I've progressed on the FM set.

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    Excellent. I am looking forward to it. Send me a PM if you need a tester.

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    Post Third Mission Pics...

    Here are four pics of the third mission, An Unexpected Confrontation...

    The spiders here vary in sizes. The very huge ones are best to be avoided.

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    Great work, GORT! Can't wait ROTB2

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    Oh see one spot to save. ⌐⌐ Looking good.

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    Post Current Update...

    OK. I'm now working on the 4th mission. This one is taking up a great deal of time to make. I'm trying to make this city almost as big ass the one in "Unknown Treasure". In this city, you'll have access to rooftops, numerous buildings, and maybe sewers (that is if I have enough terrain brushes to create it after I've made the city.).In this mission, you play as Saria. What she has to do is try to gather some important info on the studies from the mechanists that are taking place in a particular spot in the maw (you'll know where if you've played TROTB.). Now Saria goes by her knight code. So she can't do some things that Garrett can do. But fear not. Garrett will have a crack at this city too.

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    Post Current Stats...

    Well, I'm pleased to say that the main layout of the fourth mission is pretty much done. Both the castle and Hammerite church will definitely be in this mission. Now, just to see if I can, I'm going to try my luck on creating the sewer system. Now there's no guarantee that this sewer system will be in the beta version of the FM set. Here's what the info. box has to say about the mission so far...

    Brush Counts
    4726 Terrain 1018 Objects
    157 Light 660 Room
    3 Flow 1 Area - 0 active

    I still want to do a whole lot more to this mission. And not to forget, Garrett will be in this city too later in the FM set. Come to think of it, I may have to increase the amount of missions for this FM set. We'll just have to see. Anyway, here are 2 current pics. These areas may change later on.

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    Exclamation Back to square one on mission 4...

    Looks like I need to start all over on the fourth mission. The map layout is just way too much for DromEd. Oh well, at least I have a good plan on what to do. I just hope I'll be able to do this a little faster now. I don't want the fourth mission to take forever to create.

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    Post One final pic of the fourth mission...

    Well, looks like I'll be ok after all. I had to delete some bushes here and there, but its still looking good. Here's one final pic of the fourth mission. This pic kinda shows why this mission is taking a bit longer than the others. I'm making custom objects and AIs for my missions with anim8or.

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    Lightbulb Vid preview of the FM set...

    OK, I've made a video of the first four missions. You can see it on youtube. Here's a link to the video. It may be a little dark.

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    Originally Posted by GORT
    It may be a little dark.
    Yes. With my CRT monitor and the display gamma boosted to 1.5 (via Nvidia control panel), I can barely see it. Screen shots need to be boosted to 1.8 to be comparable to standard web brightness. Is there a movie editor that can do that? That said, thanks for the effort. I look forward to playing the missions.

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    Here's another version of the same video. I hope you can see this one better.

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    Thanks, GORT. I was able to see the second one fine from the LCD in my hotel. I think it will be better for most.

    Looks like this one is not for arachnophobes.

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    Post Current Stats...

    OK, I've just got a few things left to do on the fourth mission. After I'm done with that, I'll be working on the fifth mission. I have a feeling that this FM set may grow into more than 10 missions. The good thing about that is that some of those missions are sort of repeats; only the other character is in them.
    (ex: The fourth mission, Saria was there first. Garrett plays it later.)

    Now I've haven't got my voice actors just yet, but I am using some TTS voices to complete the conversations. This only temporary. These audio files are only for the alpha version so the alpha tester will understand what's going on in the conversations, and never intended for the beta and final version of this FM set.
    I must say that sometimes the voices will sound almost correct at times. But most of the time it just makes me want to laugh.

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    Post Current Stats...

    I'm finally going to start on the fifth mission. This is where Saria goes out in the woods where Garrett came out of. Now the first four missions are not fully done, but they are definitely playable and can be completed. So far the conversations should be complete.

    Now I'm not so sure it ready for it yet, but I'm wondering whether or not I should bring out an early alpha test with just these four missions. I'm just not sure about doing this right now. What do you guys think?

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    Post Current Stats...

    Still working here. I still have a whole lot to do in the fifth mission, but here's a few pics.

    Yup. It seems that Saria found her way into the Egyptian era as well, but in a different location (thanks to something she found in the city). I'm going to try to see if I can create a spear wielding AI with custom motion tags. Hopefully, it will turn out ok.

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    Post What's going on now...

    Things are getting a little busy in RL. But I am still working on this. At the moment, I'm trying to create custom motions for my spear wielding AI. It's a bit tedious, but I am making progress. I'll try to get a video on youtube to show the AI in action as soon as I can.

    Here are two pics of the AI so far with no spear. The spear will be an attached object.

    I may need to do some more work on the AI, though. He still looks too much like the AIs with a khopesh.

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    Post Current Stats...

    Well, things are going a bit slow at the moment. I'm still trying to create more motions of the that AI shown above, but my work place is demanding more hours of my time right now. Also, my mind is getting a little exhausted on the editor. So, I'm creating XG MIDI music to give me a fresh mind when I get back to it. Who knows? I could use those .mids for event music in parts this FM set.

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    Post Current Stats...

    OK, I'm still working on the motions for that spear AI. So far, it's got search and standing motions. Right now, I'm working on the fighting techniques (thrusting, swipe, and a few blocking styles). It's a tedious effort, but I'll do my best to get it all done. When it's all done, I'll even have it up for grabs. I'm also thinking about creating a battle axe type motions (not 100% sure yet). I'm still on the fifth mission. As of right now, I've titled the fourth mission "A City with Problems". I'd figure it suited the mission due to having Saria help out the people in the city with their problems. Now I've been doing a lot of thinking and planing of a flying mission. Of course, this would take place in a more modern time. The player would have to watch out for fighter jets, projectiles, and other obstacle. Now I've haven't got this part fully set in the storyline at the moment, but there is a part where Saria does go where Garrett was sent to in TROTB1's "Contradiction". For Saria, she must not confront Garrett here, but may need to help him on his way. Some places will be unavailable and places that were unavailable for Garrett will be for Saria.

    As you can see, I have a hell of a lot to do here. I'll try to keep this thread updated as much as I can.

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    Post Current Stats...

    The fifth missions is nearly complete. Just got to add a few AIs and get some objectives to work. Also, this mission now has a title, "The Secret of the Occult Woods". I'll be happy when I get this one done. The next mission is where Garrett is looking around in the city to see if he can figure out who is this Sir Edwards character and why is the King Magnus has an interest with him.

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    Post Title Pic...

    At the moment this is what the title screen looks like. It was kinda quickly made.

    For some reason, I couldn't just copy the whole title. So, here's just the main.pcx file.
    I might change it a bit. What do you guys think of it?

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    Post Current Stats...

    The sixth mission "The King's Request" is almost done. Just got to make it a bit challenging (not too much, though). Still a lot to be done. This FM set is now looking to be more than 10 missions long. I thought I could restrict to 10, but I want the storyline to be a good one. The good thing is that some of the mission layouts are already done (ex: Saria in the contradiction mission and Unknown Treasure but with some map modifications and extensions.) But yeah, a whole lot to do here. One thing for sure. If it becomes to get even bigger, I'll have to start a part three (hopefully not. I want to work on UT as well.)

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    cool, hope it isn't to much like the one I wan't to make, oh I will nead help to build mine, and it seams like you know a thing or 2, so we could help each other out maybe, I now a few tricks that not a lot know.
    and hope to bring the good old days back with you

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    Current Stats...

    OK, I'm now working on the 7th mission. This mission is where Garrett goes into The Smelter Tomb, east of the city. What he's doing there is searching for a connection between the Mechanists and the time stones. Nornally, he wouldn't do this, but he believes that this may have a link of the Mechanists finding the Trickster's remains. He doesn't want to take that chance. But what Garrett finds in there is a mystery in it's own.

    What do you need help in? I'll try to help you as much as I can.

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    Post Current Stats...

    I've been doing quite a number on the 7th mission. I don't want to spoil the surprise in this mission, but here are a few pics of this mission.

    There's a lot to be done here. I want this mission to be a bit challenging. But not impossible.

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