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Thread: Land of The Dead - Freezes at End

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    Unhappy Land of The Dead - Freezes at End

    HI - I have completed Southen Mexico- Land of the Dead Twice and it's frozen right at the end as the cinematic starts both times.

    It's a long level and i don't want to have to keep doing it!!

    Does any one know what to do or Should i take it back?

    It is on Wii by the way!

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes, this is a very common issue unfortunately. There are two things you can try to get past this point:

    When the final cinematic begins, just as you see Lara riding off the tomb, skip the cutscene. I don't remember how it's done on Wii (have been playing just the PS3 version since last November), but I'm fairly sure it's B+A. Normally, this makes the next level start loading without any further issues.

    Or, you can download a savegame and transfer it to your Wii system memory using a SD card. Stella has some savegames over at her website.

    Hope it helps.

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