Thread: There is no sound

There is no sound

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    There is no sound

    I had bought Eidos pack via steam today and downloaded mini ninjas and some other games...
    I had entered Mini Ninjas something like ten minutes again and the first thing I noticed is that I couldnt hear any music in the main menu, then I entered the game and heared the voice cover of the first movie, after that the game has started and I couldnt hear anything (music, sounds effect, etc)
    What should I do? (I tried to redownlod it)

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    I had the same problem and now its fixed.

    If you have 2 sound cards installed (for exampel: 1 on the Mainboard and 1 USB Soundcard) deactivate the one you dont need.
    Now it works without any problems in the game.



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    No sound in game

    I experienced exactly the same issues, on Win7 I have two sound devices 'High Definition Audio Device' and 'Realtek High Definition Audio', I disabled the non-Realtek device, and tested with no luck, then went to the Audio Mixer and disabled the digital outputs.
    None of which worked. Any further suggestions?

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    had the same issue, running win 7 and just got the pack off steam. install "oalinst" for the windows version takes 2 seconds and that should fix it for you, did for me anyway.]

    Hope it helps.

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    same here