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Thread: Before Crisis

Before Crisis

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    Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII should be remade for the 3DS

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    PSV too

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    If it was remade for the 3DS it won't get released on Vita because the Vita only has one screen

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    Is that so? 3DS is the only console that has two screens. Obtained for the other consoles games should not be made, because they do not have two screens? LOL! ? ?? ???? ?????? ??????))))

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    Yeah!, it would be nice to see Before Crisis as a remake for DS or even PSP. C'mon SquareEnix...

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    Make it for ios/android!

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    ipods/iphones do not have a dpad nor any buttons

    This needs to be remade for 3DS or VITA

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    Originally Posted by ExcaliburEdge
    Make it for ios/android!

    I wouldn't buy it because it would force touch screen controls and not having actual buttons like dpad and a/b/y/x

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    I'll be happy if Square Enix is porting this game on any platform, it does not matter which

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    I thought I heard at the launch of the 3ds that they planned on eventually making Before Crisis on it.
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    Originally Posted by Squall-Nathan
    I thought I heard at the launch of the 3ds that they planned on eventually making Before Crisis on it.
    It was not the announcement, but simply a desire to Tabata. But then he said that he liked the Vita, and he would have wanted to do for this console game. It would be nice to have this game for the Vita too.
    P.S. I do not expect to see a full remake of the game. I would be happy with a conventional port, if he appeared in the PSN for Sony consoles. I hope Square Enix employees are reading this)))

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    Current Smartphones in NA are on par with those in Japan that were top of the line in Japan when Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII came out over there

    Square Enix should port Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII to android phones and iphones

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    Current smartphones are far more powerful than 10 year old Japanese phones, this should be a piece of cake to port it. In fact, they previously ported Final Fantasy Dimensions (known as Final Fantasy Legends in Japan) from those old phones to smartphones with higher resolution graphics, basically a 2D remake of it.

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    I'd rather see it on 3DS or VITA

    Both systems have cameras so S-E could implement the materia color system into either

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    I wouldn't mind 3DS or Vita versions either. My Vita is collecting dust to be honest.

    But I don't see it happening. Square Enix really likes the mobile trend especially due to the massive popularity in Japan. I was thinking, since they released all FF games from 1 to 6 in order on mobile, including 4 TAY, the next could be FF7. But maybe they will release Before Crisis first, seeing as it's a prequel.

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    It seems that Square Enix is not watching this forum))) I do not think that they will listen to our endless requests. But yet, yes, I would have not refused port PSV

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    It would be awesome if Before Crisis got remake, preferably for the 3DS (Since I own a 2DS). Honestly, when I heard that SQ registered the Shinra name for copyrights, I thought it was BC in the works, well a cloud streaming company is the last thing on my mind.

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