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Thread: Out of time bug

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    Out of time bug

    ok so i have been trying to complete this level now for a couple of days being confused, as i have watched the walkthoughts on you tube, and followed written ones with still no luck im doing what they say/show, theres one part with i jump onto a ledge from the moving platform, and amanda shoots as you go round to the right, how ever on my xbox you go round after you have dogded amandas fire and there is a big block in the way so you cant get to other side like the walkthoughts are saying and showing,
    any help would be great

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    You mean Natla?

    The block is in the way because you have to push it back, one level below. So you need to go back to the lower area and push the block.
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    the block cannot be moved once i go back to lower level

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    and its deffo called artic sea - out if time level

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    Yes, I know it´s called ´Out of Time´, but the enemy you are referring to is named Natla, not Amanda.

    Anyway, if you want it to be like in this picture,

    push the block below, like Lara is doing here.
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    thats already done, there is still a block in the way of me jumping from one ledge to the other

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    Where? Could you take a screenshot of it?
    It might be easier to help you that way.
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    Is this your problem?

    Out of Time - Exposing the Third Power Node

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    i had the same problem, U probably solved that many years ago but maybe some1 else will use that
    so the thing is that U have 2 more bridges to destroy, and at that time U r standing at the midium lvl. U need to get to the stone column with the second bridge. not the one U have beed trying to climb. (jump between the walls of it to get higher and after that it should be easier to figure it out) then when U r at the top go to the stone with the grapple ring thing (on the picture of angelus0901) go up, swing a bit, jump on the step and destroy another bridge.
    to get rid of the last one U need to use flying blocks, jump higher and higher, then use the middle rock circle to climb. the last thing is to fall at the last bridge and destroy it.

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    Still Stuck

    i am stuck at this point too but i am struggling to under stand what to do next. this is really frustrating. please help

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