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Thread: What comics/cartoons have you read/seen lately?

What comics/cartoons have you read/seen lately?

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    If I'm not mistaken it was a similar fan campaign that led to Marvel books having better binding. Heres hoping DiDio knows to make things better. And I haven't read Holy Terror yet but its on my list.

    Haven't read the Wolvie UC either but thats near the top of my list as well.
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    Superior by Mark Millar & Leinil Francis Yu

    Simon Pooni once had it all; he was the star of the basketball team, one of the most popular guys in school, all which changed when he began suffering the Multiple Sclerosis disease, which is like having parts of your body completely dead as your brain cannot control them. Simon’s life becomes painful as he cannot anymore enjoy the little things in life needs constant assistance from people, his social life is down to a single movie per week and he gets picked on by bullies a lot, but all of this is changed, when a Monkey with a space suit named Ormon arrives and grants him one magic wish, the wish that turns Simon into his favorite Superhero Superior! (Superman Analogue) the comic book hero from the 1930s.

    Like Superior (Superman) was created in 1930s to spark hope for the victims of yesterday’s recession and provide a man of steel who couldn’t be hurt by the gangsters, now Simon as today’s real Superior gives hope for the whole world as today’s recession is happening, all during the wonderful week he changes the world helping the hungering people of Africa, putting an end to the War on Terrorism, ensuring peace on Afghanistan and the classic superhero gimmicks such as stopping a moving train to show his feats of strength.

    But what if this isn’t a gift from an Angel or God? What if there is an evil scheme by the Devil or a demon himself to cause chaos and havoc?! Is Ormon truly a space monkey from another world or something more sinister and villainous than the hopeful Simon thought? What would you do as a superhero? What price are you willing to pay to retain your powers or continue your life as a person who suffers Multiple-Sclerosis?

    If you’ve read the single issues and found the vulgar language off-putting for such a family book, I’m happy to inform the Titan Books edition of the book has censored the most rough language from the book and thus anyone from age 7 above could gladly read this book without anyone worrying they’d learn something bad from it.

    Mark Millar &Leinil Francis Yu’s Superior is a bright optimistic tale with a wonderful spin of Superman, Captain Marvel (Shazam) and movies like Tom Hank’s Big. If you’re a fan of Millar’s Superman Adventures or Superman: Red Son, be sure to treat yourself with his tribute to Christopher Reeve & Richard Donnel that packs action, humor and the drama that comes with suffering Multiple Sclerosis.
    I really liked the little facts and tidbits with Simon's nerdness. When he becomes Superior he ponders what version is it, since the movie version has different powers than the comic. I mean think about it, what if you wished to be Superman? Do you get the memory sucking powers that Christopher Reeve could do in the theatrical cut of Superman 2? What about the time travel stuff?

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    One of these days I'm gonna get all of Millar's creator owned series.
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    Originally Posted by Old_BenKenobi
    One of these days I'm gonna get all of Millar's creator owned series.
    Well Superior is supposingly stand alone, but yeah it's like if Captain Marvel was the biggest Superman fan out there (and he is in some DC incarnations) and becomes a Superman himself hehe.

    Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday Omnibus review

    Joss Whedon has a cult status from his Buffy fame, alongside Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog and so forth. He is an internet sensation with very good reception especially on the depiction of female characters, dialogue and character development. All which are as well present in this Omnibus, collecting the 24 issue (+1 giant size issue) with artist John Cassaday.

    The central characters focused on the book are: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde & Colossus, with the addition of a brand new X-Man: Armor, but she becomes more important on the latter half of the book, I’d say the central focus of the book with its cast is the relationship between Cyclops & Emma, alongside Kitty Pryde’s relationship with Colossus as Colossus was assumed dead and their relationship fell apart before due to Kitty’s young age, which obviously isn’t a problem anymore. I was overjoyed to see their happiness and they really work hard for their relationship. Cyclops & Emma Frost’s relationship which arguably began before Jean’s death (or after, how you wish to view it) is also nice to see as Cyclops wants to have the X-Men seen as heroes again, thus donning more heroic costumes and rejecting the black leather outfits from Grant Morrison’s era of New X-Men. Whedon truly manages to show in this book why Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men, as Professor Xavier isn’t teaching anymore.

    The way the story is constructed is 1 single massive story that gets build by the first 3 arcs and the 4th arc is the big finale to all of it. Sadly, it doesn’t wrap up everything such as the Mutant riots from the first half of the book, which just felt rather bland if you ask me. The main event revolves around Ord, an alien from the Breakworld planet with a holy mission to stop Mutant kind to ensure the safety of his own, due to a prophecy. The X-Men take on with this intergalactic threat and are teamed with SWORD (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) to save the galaxy in good old fashioned superhero style.

    Rating: 90/100 – Great look at the core X-Men members and developing them, great splash pages and double page spreads with great character moments and/or action sequences, the stories work great and come with a lot of humor. I would have liked more focus on the students the X-Men we’re teaching, but this is more of a superhero X-Men book than something like Morrison’s New –Xmen. The villans are all brand new and nice addition to the X-Men rogue gallery, with 1 familiar villain returning from Morrison’s run. I however do feel the book ends rather weak with a truly unnecessary death, because comic book deaths aren’t usually that serious to begin with and they never really work with big popular characters, so why try to end an run with an sad ending that won’t hold on long? That’s really the only weak link with this book.
    Kinda like Jason Aaron's Wolverine Omnibus, i didn't think this was anything über special, but i kinda felt a slight hype backlash, because everyone hypes about this book.

    Justice League: Doom - Review

    Justice League: Doom is the latest of Bruce Timm’s Direct-to-Video DC movie, which is the last DC project Lauren Montgomery directed before moving onto Legend of Korra project & this is the last film Dwayne McDuffie wrote before his unfortunate death. What is also special about this project, it’s the 1st film where the storyboards & animation was handled by TMS Entertainment.

    The story is a very loose adaptation of Justice League of America: Tower of Babel by Mark Waid, the only elements taken from the book is that Batman has contingency & how Justice League feels about this subject. Otherwise it’s a very “team of heroes vs. team of villains” story with big action brawl towards the end alongside trying to save the world, but not from the same type of scenario Ras’ al Ghul had in the comic book, alongside being absent from this film.

    The Justice League consists of: Batman (Voiced by Kevin Conroy), Superman (Tim Daily), Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg), Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion), Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly), Flash (Michael Rosenbaum) and guest starring superhero of the movie is Cyborg (Bumper Robinson) who has an incredibly awesome visual design by Phil Bourassa, in fact I wish this is what he’d look like in the comics. Bumper also gives a very spot on performance as the character and the dialogue is really good.

    In this movie, Vandal Savage (Phil Morris) is the main antagonist, having set his latest world conquering plan he needs the Justice League to be taken down, so he hires villains with personal vendetta against each member of the Justice League, creating his own Legion of Doom which consists of: Bane (Carlos Alazraqui), Cheetah (Claudia Black), Metallo (Paul Blackthorne), Star Sapphire (Olivia D’Abo), Mirror Master (Alexis Denisof) & making his animated debut; Ma’alefa’ak (Carl Lumbly). With Batman’s plans to neutralize the Justice League, Vandal alters them into much more brutal and deadly traps, alongside with the knowledge of Batman’s identity figures on his own how Bane can take down Batman with ease.

    I really loved the animation on this film, it’s just enhanced version of the same animation we’ve seen on Young Justice & Crisis on Two Earths, but the sleek style added with the Japanese animation vibe TMS entertainment gives just makes it superb. The action scenes are smooth and the facial expressions are superb storytelling, giving us the visual looks demanded for very heartfelt moments as justice League members get taken down, their triumphant stand up and the pure menace Savage emposes.

    Now, I feel forced to break into spoilers, because quite frankly I found the story to be disappointingly average and the story telling is just so forced on situations, I just feel for example the villains alongside Superman are played incredibly dumbed down to their comic versions just so the plot can move forward and reach conclusion, so again spoiler warnings, but here goes the rant:

    Superman is a tool in this movie, like usual from Bruce Timm we have an incredibly dumbed down Superman so the movie can move forward. Not only does Superman get taken down by the most cliché way ever that is the green kryptonite bullet, he’s also clearly not giving his all in the fighting sequences, but is allowing Metallo to give punches in, until Superman realizes he has better things to do and just shuts him down like a boss. At the very end of the movie we have this catastrophic sequence happen because Superman fails to destroy a missile with his laser beam, because he was too busy flying and punching the other missiles while he could have just laser shot them all at once, sigh.

    The Legion of Doom is compiled of idiots. They all have these full proof plans to defeat their enemies permanently, but instead of ensuring the job is finished and give the killing blow, they simply leave and assume the heroes will die. This doesn’t work at all in this story outside of how Flash is being stopped, but otherwise it’s just plain stupid and makes them all seem dumbed up when the Justice League attacks and they’re all shocked how they didn’t perish. It was just so incredibly dumb, not only that, but the movie informs us that Bane has been trying to kill off Batman for 10 years, but apparently has never figured out that Batman keeps taking him down with the same tactic, cut off the Venom supply, because like usual in animation, Bane is a wimp without his venom.

    It’s just really bothering how the Legion of Doom get taken down, because all members we’re too stupid to ensure that their hated enemies would die off permanently, because what good is there try and conquer the world, when the Justice League would inevitably return? That’s really what makes this movie such disappointingly average from its latter half, while the movie has a really strong opening and seeing the villains plan come together is really cool.

    With Commentary:

    Geoff Johns & Mike Carlin, two persons who have absolutely nothing to do with this project outside of knowing about it’s production and reading the script give the commentary instead of anyone actually working on this project, because…? Honestly, this is just a effortless commentary for me, I get no insight of the making of this movie outside of a couple of mentions of how great McDuffie’s script is and how well his pacing was, but nothing from the actual people who worked on this with Johns & Carling giving comic background stories on some characters and praising the movie. Who on earth would enjoy this commentary? It offers no real insight outside of a quick synopsis of a character, which can be done with the internet by itself.

    Sneak Peak: Superman vs. the Elite:

    We get a good dose of voice clips of George Newbern as Superman and whoever is voicing Manchester Black. They explain the simple idealistic pitch the story holds and what does it mean, while showing character designs and even animation scenes and I have to say these characters look really bulky with rather huge eyes with stiff faces, I hope Dough Mahnke’s art comes off better in the final product then what I saw here myself.

    Their Time Has Come: Cyborg and the DC Universe’s New Diversity:

    This is simply a very short video where Marv Wolfman talks about the creation of the character & how happy & proud he is about DC using him more, with Geoff Johns talking about having Cyborg in the 2011 relaunched Justice League comic and how unique of a character he is. It’s pretty passable extra to be quite honest. I mean if this was about DC’s diversity, does that mean Cyborg is just enough for them?! It’s just a poor extra at the end of the day.

    A Legion of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story:

    This collection of interviews regarding Dwayne McDuffie’s life has his wife Charlotte, co-workers like Bruce Timm, Andrea Romano and co-creators of Milestone company talk from his childhood to Marvel years to Milestone to Animation work and his career as a whole. I don’t wish to get into specifics, but you get a lot of good insight how incredible this man was, he attended college when he was 10 years old for example, but there are sad facts too such as his two brothers that died before him. It was a nice insight on the man himself, and I appreciated it.

    Guarding the Balance: Batman and the JLA:

    20 minute video about people explaining Batman’s reasoning for his plans to take down the Justice League if necessary by comparing with 9/11 and other events that changed human’s perception of power and how it should be used, what makes someone a terrorist and what a freedom fighter and so forth. I really think they shouldn’t have bothered with the real life examples, but just made it more about Batman and his relation to Justice League.

    Rating: 70/100 - The movie feels like a dated Super Friends episode updated to today’s animation and the PG-13 rating instead or providing better storytelling and more believable villains of today’s standards is just there for the blood and brutality, but this is really a more kid’s family movie where they can cheer for the Justice League taking down the Legion of Doom in a classic superhero story arc. The extras outside of McDuffie’s tribute & the preview for the next movie range from abyssal to disappointing. Give this movie a rent at least, but this was a rather average movie, but with the best animation I’ve seen from the DC DTV movies.
    If anyone is interested in Bane because of The Dark Knight Rises, i think this book is really nice, but of course not necessery reading whatsoever.

    Batman vs. Bane by Chuck Dixon:

    As the summer of 2012 approaches with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises starring Tom Hardy as Bane, DC comics is releasing new trades featuring the man who broke the bat, with this trade collecting “Vengeance of Bane” and “Bane of the Demon” which funnily neither story contains any sort of Batman versus Bane which simply contradicts the whole title of this trade paperback.

    Vengeance of Bane gives us the origin of Bane and I really liked how it kind of perfectly sets him as the anti-Bruce Wayne, after all Bane’s pitch was “mix of Batman and Doc Savage” so while Bruce Wayne is a the prince of Gotham who lived with the wealthiest people, here we have a child who was born in one of the most dangerous prisons on earth and survived thru hell. Both persons had child traumas, both utterly dedicated to their cause and both perfected themselves both mentally and physically. The story also introduces to Bane’s lackeys that you’ve presumably learned from Knightfall.

    Bane of the Demon is a good character driven story that very loosely parallels with The Dark Knight Rises. The whole connection with Ghuls, even in this book you have utterly loyal “suicide ninjas” who shout the phrase “to die is to serve!” which I found totally awesome and reminded me of the IMAX preview of the Dark Knight Rises.

    Rating: 93/100
    – The book gives the reader not only a well written origin story for Bane, but also an additional story showcasing his strength, cunning brilliant mind and his utter dedications and shows his motivations to all of this. If you’re a fan of Bane or you’re intrigued by him due to The Dark Knight Rises or another reason, this is the book for you. Still one might wonder why the name “Batman vs. Bane” instead of “Vengeance of Bane” or “Bane of the Demon” or something incredibly forcefully tied with the 3rd Nolan Batman movie, like “Bane: The Fire Rises”.

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