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Thread: Panau Tribune and Robert James Carter

Panau Tribune and Robert James Carter

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    this topic = DEAD.
    no one will care of this double post...
    "I bet when blu-ray came out you ran off to the store, and were extremely perplexed when they wouldn't load in your DVD player."

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    I do.

    No, not really.
    Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
    These are mah' glitches.

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    1. its not actually working for me
    2. what password for when it starts working

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    hi fellow flyers, if u like base jumping and proximity flying in just cause 2, check out my youtube channel for some serious gamplay vids, u wont have seen anything like these,i have masterd the skills, this game offers u the abilty to be a bird. just take a few moments to check out my channel and u will see what im talking about. see u in the skies

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    The link to robertjamescarter is dead

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    Its great they're posting interesting game related info but what we all want is NEWS to Just Cause 3. Making us think about JC2 any longer with information like this and the billion dead souls video is just nerve wrecking when you think of the big picture and what the next game will be like. Please Eidos, stop wasting our time with little tid bits here and there and show us some solid photos or gameplay. This isn't enough !!!!!

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    Check This out

    This just randomly happened one day. And after I stopped filming a load more Tuk Tuks crashed into each other. All I can say is Weird!

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