Thread: no sound on pc please help

no sound on pc please help

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    no sound on pc please help

    1. I've read all the posts on "no sound except during cut scenes" and I have done the following

    a. check to see if drivers were updated, yes they were.
    b. Lowered the hardware accelerator as directed in the "read me" notes. done. (in fact there were 3 sound tabs so I lowered it for all 3)
    c. Check to see if I match all the PC requirements. done.

    In fact, I have a game computer and run every high end game on the market (team fortress, CS, Empire Total War) with no problems. Are there any other things I can do? I left a message and sent a message to the tech support. However, I rarely ever hear back from companies that you leave messages for.

    Anything else I can do on my own? Thanks.

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    I had the exact same issue, there was only music during cutscenes. During any game play I had no sound at all.

    I downloaded the game from Steam...Steam always failing to deliver quality it makes sense that they wouldn't even tell me the game needed something called an 'open al installer' just to play the sounds.

    Some friendly ppl posted that link on another board. I am running Windows 7 32 bit, and downloaded that 2nd zip container "Open AL Installer for Windows". After restarting mini ninjas the sounds works flawlessly.

    If it still doesn't work after that, you may need check that both the sound card, and motherboard drivers are up to date.

    Where possible in Device Manager, the "Driver Provider" field should say the manufacturer of the hardware, not Microsoft.

    Also the hardware acceleration should only have to be reduced if you are having problems with the hardware / drivers (which would mean problems with other games too), I don't think that is your issue here.

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    I had the same problem and now its fixed.

    If you have 2 sound cards installed (for exampel: 1 on the Mainboard and 1 USB Soundcard) deactivate the one you dont need.
    Now it works without any problems in the game.