Hello everyone and welcome to my QQ thread . I wanted to share my thoughts about the Sentinel vampire class.
As much as I consider overall gameplay experience as enjoyable and interesting, I can't get my head around the Razielim opponents. As recently as I got my key to the beta I learned quickly that being grabbed by a Sentinel equals an instant death every time, and that situation is hardly unavoidable.
First off, I'd like to say a few words about two other vampire classes, and how I see their gameplay and counterplay.
If you don't care about that (you should care, though), go to another red text.
Reaver is patiently waiting on rooftops, throwing poison grenades and shadow bombs, making an opening. In time, he jumps off the roof and leaps on the separated human enemy, shredding him to pieces, if something goes wrong, he can always make an escape with evasion.
Tyrant goes in with either charge or jump after the grenades have been thrown, breaking enemy defensive position, slams the ground with a stun, then/or goes for tanky mode, absorbing damage for his teammates.
In both cases there are a few ways of counterplay. Reaver grenade? Run from the place it has been placed. Reaver leaps? Dodge. Something goes wrong and you're still attacked? Use special abilities to make them unable of engaging, force them to Retreat. Tyrant charge? Dodge. Jump? Run away. Shockwave? Keep your distance. He keeps engaging? Force them to disengage. If you're lucky you can also counter Tyrant by focusing fire with your team, your luck depends of course not only on grenades thrown and positioning, but also on your team's cooperation.
But when it comes to Sentinel
Sentinel simply flies up, scouting the area, looking for enemies, and then proceeds to either capture opponents instantly, if they're separated or in a safe-to-capture place, or after the Tyrant engages in a bunch if cover from Reaver's grenades. Once captured, it's an instant death. You're being taken away from your allies, after being abducted you fall down, taking heavy damage (in worst cases both from fall and Abduct ability), and then it's either unavoidable Dive Bomb + one normal attack, or simply Puncture. One thing is complete lack of ability to counter this combo, once you get captured. Falling causes a brief stun, and then even with immediate jump you're not out of Dive Bomb's range. You've lost over a half of your health just from a simple initiation, and now you're standing all alone next to a vampire, 1 on 1. You might think "I'll use bola" or something, the problem is, Dive Bomb = another brief stun, and casting time for bola afterwards is sadly a bit longer than a vampire's normal attack, so you just die on the spot, with no possible way to counter it. Even faster way that sentinel has is to get close to the fallen human after the abduction and using Puncture on him for an instant kill, though I don't know if I can counter it yet, cause I've seen only one player doing that on me, but during those 5 times I got caught I didn't find a method to fight against that either. One would think "I'll just avoid the sentinel flying." The problem is, most of the time you can't. Even if you're lucky enough to be in a part of the map where there's enough space for a significant dodge, and not just narrow corridors your enemy will fly through to get you, even after you jump away, he can turn around and still get you. Sentinel keeps flying in circles for a few seconds, like a fly flying in a lemniscate pattern, and if he get's you in that time, which is inevitable, you're back to square one, where only instant death awaits.
One would think again "how about I go inside the house?" Why of course not. In many cases getting into the house makes you more vulnerable to any other kind of attacks from the rest of the vampire team, but even then you're not safe. I am an understanding person, f.e. being one of the people that were actually ok with Nosgoth release from the very start, despite all the "ruining series" and "y u no next LoK game instead" opinions. That being said, I think that Sentinel's "grounding" is bull. The class already overpowered as it is, with less methods to counter, and even available methods are hard to use effectively (like already mentioned abduct dodge, or hard-to-aim-at-flying-target bola), with unavoidable instakill potential damage and, even without the combo, separating a human from the group either for easy kill or easier engage on the main forces. All of that, and you can't even hide from the Sentinel in any house, because he can fly 20 cm above the ground, fly into the house, grab you, and take you out to repeat the process of getting a free kill. This hurts me especially, as I tend to be MVP in most of my matches, with either 1st or 2nd place all the time, and twice as much damage as 3rd and 4th place in my team together, so I get to be focused alot by enemy Sentinel, and being taken away from my team equals both instakill on me and most of the time also instakill on the rest of my teammates, because apparently they can't do well without me.
I'm not saying that playing Sentinel is easy, cause effective use of his kit requires a good team coordination and good individual skills to make a good grab without being potentialy focused. What I'm saying, though, is that from what I'm experiencing while fighting against him is that there are not as many consequences of improperly using his skills, and thus there are less openings and counter actions to play around them, he's simply more rewarding and less counterable class than the rest of the vampires, that, if played smart, has no weakness to possibly expose and take advantage of by humans. You can't hide from him in houses, you can't dodge his abduct, you can't avoid his skills, and you hardly ever have a chance to disrupt him, and even if you do, you just lost a bola against a Sentinel with Reaver coming right at you. The only way to counter him that I know of currently is focus, but that's a counter for everything, not to mention no smart vampire will fly into a 1v4 situation just like that.

I guess that's it. I wanted to share my thoughts about the frustration coming from playing against Sentinels. I really hope that you'll consider making some gameplay changes to go around the impossible skill combos of Sentinel. And as much as the class frustrates me, I still want to thank you for making this game,not only because it's really good, but also for giving me hope, as I consider it a possible sign to either reboot the LoK series, or just make another LoK game.