Thread: Controller for Mini Ninja PC version

Controller for Mini Ninja PC version

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    Controller for Mini Ninja PC version


    Just wondering if we can use controller to play mini ninja for the PC version.

    If Yes, What are the setting for it?

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes you can, but only if the controller is compatible with a PC. The game automaticly uses the controller. When you buy the controller, instructions for setup will be with it.
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    That's a lot of crap, really irritating and unhelpfull company attitude !!!
    I have a logitech rumbepad 2 and the game does NOT recognize it !!!
    I also put a xbox 360 controller emulator (which works will ALL other games), and still nothing!!!
    Let alone the stupid lag every 3 seconds of gameplay for half a second!!!
    This is unacceptable and irresponsible against your pc gamers, and if you don't care, don't sell pc games!!!

    By THE WAY, my system is above the game's "requirements"...
    So, I have every right to say that i feel like you have reached UP and grabbed MY ASS,
    when I decided to buy your buggy game of yours EIDOS !!! Be assured, it won't happen AGAIN !!!

    And don't you dare comment me for my foul language!!! You should be ashamed to call yourself a trustworthy company, when you sell those games for pc, just to earn money, and then deny the gamers any guality gaming!!!

    The least you could do is provide us with a patch that fixes all the problems, don't dissapoint us again, please!!!