Thread: I'm willing to give 'Conflict' another try ...

I'm willing to give 'Conflict' another try ...

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    I'm willing to give 'Conflict' another try ...

    ... anyone else?

    I played all of the Conflict games on the PS2 until 'Denied Ops' which I got for the X360 prior to my purchasing a PS3 - there is no platform bias on my side whatsoever.

    The issues with Denied Ops have been clearly expressed - and I feel that reviews by both critics and Users alike basically agree that the Conflict series took a nosedive with the release of Denied Ops - based on Metacritic data, the reviews for Denied' are the lowest of any of the Conflict series to date;
    Platform - Metascore
    Desert Storm (2002):
    Xbox - 65 | PS2 - 55

    Desert Storm II: Back to Baghdad (2003):
    Xbox - 71 | PS2 - 70

    Conflict Vietnam (2004):
    Xbox - 60 | PS2 - 58

    Global Terror (2005):
    Xbox - 62 | PS2 - 62

    Denied Ops (2008):
    X360 - 52 | PS3 - 51

    So... what now? As I said, I'm willing - anxious actually - to give this series another shot. Honestly, I'd be thrilled with even a direct upgrade from either of the Desert Storm games; same characters, same missions, same objectives, etc. but with the added AI and graphics capabilities now allowed by the higher-end hardware - hell, it's been so long since I've played either one - a re-imaging could produce a familiarity with the game that I personally would welcome. Not to say that additional content isn't necessary, but with the proven gameplay of the previous outings, producers and developers could then focus on the basics; AI, textures, models, physics, FX, etc. Why waste resources on re-inventing the wheel, when you can devote them to modifying existing molds and put more time and effort in the upgraded steel-belts you want to release?

    In any event - as if it's not been made clearly enough already - dedicated Conflict'ers WANT the solo/four member team and multi/two-up control options. I still brag to the SOCOM, GRAW, COD, and Splinter Cell cats about how Conflict allowed multi-character play, switching, and "full control" 10yrs ago, and they did it extremely well. The Conflict control scheme has all but spoiled me when it comes to all other squad-based games.

    Try positioning your 3 squadmates in GRAW 2; 1 just inside of a building's front door covering out, another positioned on the roof of the same building acting as an all-around sniper, and the third ordered to follow and give you cover fire as you both run out the back door to complete the objective. It ain't gonna happen, not in any Clancy game, not in any SOCOM or Call of Duty, and not in any other Squad-based game of which I've heard. Does anyone know of one? Really, because I've looked and really want to find one.

    So I'll shut this down with a simple; PLEASE!!! We DON'T want or need any kind of NEW game direction for the Conflict series, what we DO want is the same "Squad-based" military sim with which we all fell in love 10yrs ago. Even if it's "just" an eye-candy upgrade - put the control back in! I've GOT to have that control!! Come on, man! I'm sh shak shaking here!!

    I understand that there is a lot of stuff in the Mil-Sim market now; but again, there's nothing that *I* know of, that gives the player SO much control over his Team, in Solo or as Multi-TwoUp. I loved positioning "my" guys to cover a single doorway;
    Connors; ready to mow down anything that dares to enter the room.
    Foley; 10yrds back in the shadows staring outside for movement.
    Jones; at full-auto ready to spray the enemy or pop a bandage on a downed squadmate.
    Oh look - "Connors needs to move a foot to the right" - switch, move, switch back - done - perfect.
    Hmm - "Foley would be better off looking out of that 2nd floor window" - switch, move, switch back - done - perfect.
    And Jones, I'm setting him to follow me.
    Let's do this.


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    Mate I complete agree! What now? Can anyone at Eidos or Pivitol Games be contacted with regards to future releases etc. If they're planning to rectify the situation in anyway. I don't think anyone who has owned any of the Conflict series could say they enjoyed Denied Ops. Personnally I found it insulting.