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Thread: The Next Hitman Game

The Next Hitman Game

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    Exclamation next hitman

    i have already finished blood money 600 times!!!

    any admin can say to us when the next gona be out?

    or if its in developing?


    seriously perfect game...

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    there is no news on the next hitman, however, eidos would not cease to fund Hitman as it is one of their best selling games after tomb raider

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    where the exit is at the map of death on missisipi?

    i'm stuck

    if anyone can send me a foto would be great...

    i don't know perfect english

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    easy !

    My dear, i think you mean that mission on that ship with 5 stories where you have to kill those 6 gang memmbers ....... well the escape in this mission in through a boat which is tied up on the edge of the ship on the first floor ...... for proper guide, take out your map and see the first floor "Escape" sign is written in blue color in your map, follow it and get close to it, you will escape .....

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    If they do make another one soon...

    Yea, I played Blood Money, aced it, I now have my roommate playing it, constantly asking for my advise. I think they should have a co-op or multi player one with three to four factions you can join. ALL weapons should be customizable to extents. I didn't like how the M4 scope was placed on the gun. :/ Either have the option of straight on the gun or its removable carrying handle, doesn't matter to me.

    Anyways, this co-op, everyone who begins that faction, and ONLY that faction has a record of them. When you start out, you're invisible to others. You'll get a contract and you have to assassinate the best and most discreet way possible. That agency will rate you based on your proficiency on the kill and will give you money. Things that will make you stand out would be fast and speedy movement, being in a bunch of places with the same clothing (someone's bound to know you're an assassin if you're always on surveillance with the same clothing or place of people dying.), and if you're cover is blown.

    Then and if you are detected, you'll start to be revealed to others. First might be a description, second a sketch stolen from the police by an undercover officer of another faction, to finally, what you look like. This will result in possible interception to someone of another organization, giving them a huge bonus for taking you out. This could work on your benefit though if you two are after the same target and you get the word the rival is there.

    I know Hitman has never been co-op, but I don't think change is too bad. Look at RE 4; that game had weird camera angles and puzzles galore with its older games, but they totally revamped everything and it became so much better. I think having a second man to help would be nice, plus some sort of multi player for additional money. I know a bunch of cool, customizable weapons is a bit too much to ask for, but I have a reason for this.

    I love Hitman, don't get me wrong, but I was told ALL guns in Blood Money could be customized, and I was disappointed only one of each category was. I think customization is best because its your gun you're using, and maybe you're feeling one other than the other at some point of time. Also, if possible, I think the game should have its unique characters. All the FBI, CIA, Police, and just about all the males were muscular. real... There's average, muscle randomize it.

    I would take a handful of people, scan their faces and bodies, and experiment with it. Give the guy a cottage cheese face or a very old complex, perhaps the lady a mole on her face to stand her out from the rest. I think if there is a multi player, instead of everyone being 47, have the camera scan your mug and place it up there.

    Also, be considerate, I know females who play this game, and I dun want to kill someone who has a man's body with a real female face. I think realistic shots should be placed too, and that they need to watch the cross hair aiming better. I'll go into First person, let the cursor be red and dead on the person's skull, slowly squeeze the trigger, but the bullet is like far left and up above where I aimed.

    I agree with the cops and stuff though too. I use to just hide when I got bored and let them try to sneak in, just to get a .45 right in the stomach to drop them. They need to be more realistic, like try to knock you down and arrest you, take cover, try to flank, so on and so forth. We have the technology to make games better, so let's do so! Oh, one more thing, if you change your clothing in a mission, I think you should be able to have that choice to wear it or not.

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    I copied my post from another thread:

    Using my favorite search engine: Wikipedia

    The time tables show each game releasing every 2yrs so its a possibility that Hitman 5 will be releasing in 2008 some time, could be Holidays 08; could be June of 08

    First link may not work here try this:

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    BTW no guarantees here but its a possibility once Tomb Raider Anniversary for Wii and Kane and Lynch gets released, there may be a slot available for the upcoming Hitman Game.

    Meaning the homepage for EIDOS; yeah youll see that theres upcoming games to be released, once they are out then more games can fill the spots hehe

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    Yeah, there's obviously going to be another Hitman game. After all 47 does stay alive at the end of Blood Money and Diana was reopening the Agency (Wikipedia ) and considering that the movie is coming out, then they have to make another one.

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    to my knowledge diana killed agent 47 after the last mission -admendant xxv..he was cremated at the prologue..if there was another hitman game..someone with a clear and growly voice would do his voice...michael ironside?

    hitman legacy will never die!

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    Actually no, she didn't. Try moving the left analouge stick in the mission REQIUEM. You'll find out that she injected 47 with a sedative.

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    Table shows that Hitman 5 should be released in 2008 but where oh where oh where is the press release/news articles/a title???

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    I read this article that says Eidos is showing off 4 titles at E3: two being Just Cause 2 and the new Tomb Raider but says Hitman isnt on the list

    I really really want another hitman.

    I got to thinking. Think Sales!!!

    If a bunch of people bought contracts, well say 2,000

    And when Blood Money was released was 2,000+ (because it was released 2 years later)

    Then 2 years after Blood Money the same 2,000+ would buy Hitman #5 but now we have to wait longer???? We all might be dead by then LOL (jk)

    So how were the sales for the Trilogy Pack?

    I guess I can understand it if by chance the sales were good that you dont want to make #5 right away but rather a year later after Trilogy was released.


    Oh well I'll keep my eye out for Hitman #5

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    The developer was tied up with "Kane and Lynch" which just came out a few months ago. I'd say maybe a teaser at E3, but no gameplay.

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    When will announcement be?

    E3 2008 came and left

    Some sort of Lepzig Game Convention came and left

    Comi'con came and left.

    When will the next Hitman be announced? Can ya at least give us a ballpark; like 1st Quarter 2009; which would be November thru April??? Please?? Thanks

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    Hitman 5

    Anyonw know when Hitman 5 is coming out?

    I played Blood Money so it seems stupid buying one of the earlier ones like contracts or silent assassin instead of holding out for 5.

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    Best to refer to: (next hitman)

    and (no more hitman??)

    Long story short........Hitman 5 is still being worked on, no ETA, perhaps an announcement in 2009 and maybe a fall 2009 release; not sure.

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    I hope its Freedom Fighters 2 im dying for it

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    Originally Posted by Inertia17
    to my knowledge diana killed agent 47 after the last mission -admendant xxv..he was cremated at the prologue..if there was another hitman game..someone with a clear and growly voice would do his voice...michael ironside?

    hitman legacy will never die!
    When you finished the game and sat to watch the WHOLE cut scene at the end you would've heard what the rest of us did...a faint heart beat eminating from Agent 47...he's not dead, like Lara, they can't kill him off that easy.

    Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer for the next Hitman release.

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    Hitman 5 has been confirmed

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    Originally Posted by crazyhorse128
    Hitman 5 has been confirmed
    Have you got a link to a source? I'm desperate for info on a new Hitman game

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    Smile If you scroll down a little you'll see on the table its release date is TBC

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    Originally Posted by crazyhorse128 If you scroll down a little you'll see on the table its release date is TBC
    Thanks - however, they don't say where they got that info from either, could have been anyone who wrote that Although I do feel confident that the game is being worked on, I would love to read 100% confirmation of that somewhere

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    Read this thread I created

    Founders of IO (Hitman) left does this mean no more Hitman

    Scroll down to a post made by Zacker; an IO Associate that said that Hitman 5 is still in production

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    Sweet, that made my day thanks

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    Hurry up November 30th

    My guess is that once Tomb Raider: Underworld has been released and everyone is rested from vacation; yes I know they have separate teams, that perhaps we'll get some notification about the next Hitman.

    These forums are dying only because there hasnt been any announcement. Announce the next hitman and watch people soar to these forums LOL

    Were dying here!!!

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