Thread: NDS Blue Kuji scribling problems

NDS Blue Kuji scribling problems

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    Unhappy NDS Blue Kuji scribling problems

    Hey everyone, I ran into this problem after escorting the clawed ninja back to the Kuji bird in Chapter 2. When reaching the first castle/fortress you have to free another kuji bird dude, and he tells you to meditate in front of the blue cloud in front of the gate. Then you reach the plane of spirits, and I managed to draw the house and sloping ground, but after that I didn't get further than a two year old with a crayon would. Does anyone have a clue on how to draw/cut, and what to draw/cut? If you understand that plane-thing, please, teach me!

    Thanks in advance,
    - Jean^2

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    I haven't played the DS version but try looking for a walk through and that could help you. If it is to do with a stylus/screen problem with your DS, try calibrating the screen from the DS menu (with no game inserted in the slot).

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    Yes, I have tried it multiple times now and succeeded, thanks! After some recalibration and perseverance I managed to get past it.

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    NDS - Still having trouble cutting paper along thin lines

    I get past the first screen painting the simple shape, but I've tried at least 100x to cut the castle shape, no luck. I've seen other posts that say I must include the line below the castle, I've tried that. I've so carefully cut, not going outside of the lines, that I can see the castle shape in my sleep. Is there any hope that I will ever get past this? Can someone suggest anything? Is there something wrong with the DS? I've recalibrated and everything I can think of...

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    Hmm well I don't have to cut the lines underneath the houses. What I do is draw a straight line across the lightgrey cutting line, in one draw, and it works perfectly. If drawing that squary and edgy line doesn't work at once, try multiple cuts, I believe that works as well. Because you can make multiple cuts and also multiple drawings at the same time. If that doesn't help either, try to gain a steady hand as much as possible while cutting, or use a small ruler to assure perfect straightness. If nothing helps; try a chainsaw and you'll never be bothered again =þ