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just curiosity

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    just curiosity

    hello i was watching the desert vid yet again and noticed this right at the beggining.

    I was intrigued by this structure. looks a bit like a castle :P

    anyway wondered if you had any ideas

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    We have no clue... It could be a rock formation (strange one tho )

    Or it could be a castle like you said

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    looks abit like a lord of the rings type castle , but i wouldn't say it is a rock formation seems very tall and upright for it to be like a mounting sort of hill .

    EDIT: just watched the E3 2009 vids of the dev walk through , at about 7min mark of the vid, your in a helli and he flys up the mountin with a twin tower building on the hill , this could be that structure from a distance , but there are only two towers not three ?

    edit: edit : no i changed my mind that pitcher from the desert vid shows a massive structure in the distance if you scale it with the island its on it looks huge what ever it is..

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    Wow, that is one large structure. Sides look a bit curved for a castle, and maybe a bit big too... but still very intriguing!

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    ^^ Haha, agree with yourself already XD. I guess it's too curvy to be a structure, but too tall and abrupt for a hill. Anyway I guess hill/cliff.
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    Smoke stacks?
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    Looks to me like a city's skyline