Thread: How do you beat Ashida?

How do you beat Ashida?

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    How do you beat Ashida?

    I'm at the last (I assume) boss battle and I just keep dying and can't figure out what to do. Ashida is in a defensive bubble and there are a lot of metal balls with symbols around the room. I've tried beating on those, hitting Ashida, killing samurai for ages and nothing seems to happen.

    What am I missing? Someone please help. Thanks!

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    Use Kuji magic to defeat those balls. After there are no balls - use Kuji against the Evil Samurai.

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    I recommend the Lightning Spell if you have it.

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    on the nds you don't have any kuji magic when you fight ashida, you have to use your own ninja skills.
    there are balls at most pillars, you have to break all of them, but you can't smash them with your sword or your shurikens, you have to fire your shurikens at ashida, who blocks them and fires them back at you, you have to be standing near one of the balls and at the right time you have to move and the returned shuriken smashes the ball, at the same time you have to fight of any samurai.
    when all the balls are broken you have to run to ashida and beat him, unfortunately you have to repeat this process a number of times and each time the samurai get harder to defeat and come more quickly.
    you know when the next lot of samurai are coming as the balls glow orange.
    this final battle is not as hard as it seems you just have to be very patient and make sure you have a lot of potions to regenerise your hearts. don't worry about running out of shurikens as there are boxes in each corner that keep coming back after you use them. don't try and fight ashida before you smash his balls as you will do no damage but he will!!!
    have fun!!!!!

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    You cant use spells so what can I do he is too strong

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    Big Grin if there is a 2nd part i'll tell u how

    If you are on a second part then i'll tell you how if i get there bye

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    I did it..defeated Ashida..figured it out before reading what blueninjasam wrote..what he wrote works but make sure to aim your shuriken directly at Ashida..good luck and have will need it and you will win. :-)

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    I did it with lightening attack and slow time spells. I guess there's lots of ways to beat him.

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    RadarTrap i couldn't use spells

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    Hrm, I could. Is it just because you've run out of Ki energy? Don't forget you can top that back up with the flask of strong ginseng.

    Basically I'd try to hit his black magic attacks back at him when he shoots them out and then while he's stunned I'd lightning storm him. Then when he rises up and starts raining ice on you just run away - slow time makes this easier. Keep topping up health and Ki with your potions (if you've been collecting ingredients along the way then you should be able to make plenty more if you run out). Since he seems to make lots of spearmen for you to fight it was easiest to run away so they all group together chasing you and then just cherry bomb them.

    I was playing on hard and it took a few tries to beat him. The game's not *that* easy

    EDIT: Just figured out that you're probably playing on the DS if you can't use magic - I played on PS3 so it's a completely different game... :P