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Thread: Question on Victor Zsasz

Question on Victor Zsasz

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    Maybe he's a Martian. Hasn't Martian Manhunter been colored white at one time? I know he's been like green and gray lots of times

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    Originally Posted by Batman The DLC Hunter
    He isnt afrocan american! (pun intended)

    P.S. im am so its not racist
    I mean Afrikanns. The white people who derive from dutch etc settlers and have black blood in them sometimes in the past and names that sound dutch etc or african and live in africa etc.

    He might have come to america but he would still be a afrikann.

    It is a simplistic discription yes, but this is what race is Victor Zsasz not theory class.
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    Victor Zsasz nationality

    - Hungarian as Viktor Szász

    Of course he is a fictional character, but the name is derived from a famous american psychiatrist(for mental illness), called Tamás István Szász , born in Budapest, Hungary. The "sz" in hungarian should be prononced as "s" while the "zs" is "ʒ" like you pronounce James. According to Alan Grant writer, he did a bit magic when he swaped the sz to zs. So who wrote middle-east European was right, appart from the fact that hungarian is not a slavic language like polish or russian. Another thing I reveal is that Szász means Saxon a german ethnicity.
    However Zsasz has no meaning in that form, he is definitly not cuban, hispanic, african whatever...

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