Thread: Weird 'freeze' / 'lag' issue during gameplay

Weird 'freeze' / 'lag' issue during gameplay

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    Weird 'freeze' / 'lag' issue during gameplay

    I tried searching for this bug on the forums but couldn't find it at first glance.

    During my play sessions my game occassionaly decides to 'lock up' , or freeze or lag. But it's not my character that freezes up, it's actually the other players. They keep walking into walls, stand still, do nothing etc etc while I can freely move accross the map, but I can't attack no-one. Doesn't do any damage. I can still use the chat system ingame but after the 'lock-up', I can't do anything but quit the match.

    Anyone know how to fix this or is this a known issue?

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    In the meantime, I've tried:

    * De-installed the game, Re-installed the game, tried a game again and problem still remains. Doesn't matter which map I'm playing on.

    Sometimes the problem begins at the beginning of the match and I see everyone standing still and doing nothing at all even though the time counter has started and sometimes the problem occurs during the half of a match.

    I have a theory though, but I can't possible prove it... I'm in the netherlands. When looking for a match, I sometime am placed on a NaM server. Other times on a EU server. The problem seems to occur more reguraly on a NaM server. Might it have something to do with ping? If so, how can I make sure I am always on a EU server?

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    E-Dentifier please dont bump after a few days.

    Please post your specs and internet speed.
    Might be usefull to send this data + topic link + short description + Log files (launch)
    C:\Users\NAME\Documents\My Games\Nosgoth\BCMPGame\Logs
    and a DXdiag file towards

    So they at least got some more data.

    Don't expect them to reply to the mail cause they will first sort the mails.
    then send them through to testing and then it send through to devs.

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    Thanks for the reply !

    My system specs is:

    MSI Mainboard H77MA-G43
    Intel Core I7 3770 @ 3.40Ghz
    8 Gigs of RAM
    Nvidia GTX 660 Ti

    and all running on windows 8.1

    Internet connection is 100Mbit
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    I've discovered something else... while having uTorrent open, this problem occurred all the time. Now that I have it closed, it runs normally like it should be... can someone else try this out ?

    edit: Too premature of a conclusion, problem still occured after a while :/

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    After a couple of months, some few update patches and a mail to the devs, the problem still occurs occassionally. I hope someone else can look into this?

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    This sounds like like packet loss, so it's probably an issue with your network connection rather than the game. Of course any sorts of active downloads while playing, including torrents, will make the problem quite a bit worse.

    Next time you notice the problem happening a lot, back out of the game and run a line quality test to verify. If the test indicates you're losing packets then you should try replacing ethernet cables, checking that any coaxial connections are tight, and (if you're using wireless) verify whether disabling WIFI and using only wires makes a difference.

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