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Thread: Batman: AA Title Update 1.1 - Eng/Fre/Ita/Spa/Ger Version

Batman: AA Title Update 1.1 - Eng/Fre/Ita/Spa/Ger Version

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    does this fix the problem of the 2nd level of scarecrow ? i heard a lot of peope had trouble with that. as i am. maybe reinstalling the game and the patch again would fix it ?
    it's just making me crazy

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    Not that it will provide TOO much insight but im havin the exact same problem as you two in the gardens following through that door and im using the HD Radeon 2600 not the 2400 but that cant just be a coincidence.

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    Originally Posted by Keir
    If you experience problems with the GFWL title update an alternative link is available to download directly from the following location.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum Title Update 1.1

    This will also overwrite any previous TU installs and not affect your game saves.

    Hope that helps.

    Updated 24/09/2009 - 12:45pm - Addresses garden level issue with Physx enabled.
    Updated 24/09/2009 - 14:50pm - Garden file hosted in case user had already grabbed previous title update. (To check if require this file browse to the following folder in your batman installation folder "Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\CookedPC\Maps\PhysX\Maps\Garden" Check for a file called `Garden_A_PhysX.umap" if located there you do not need to touch this file.
    I have my programs installed on a drive other than C:\ this patch will never work for me. is their a way to change the file to be able change the install directory? not everyone uses C:\

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    I have updated the Physix, drivers, directx and the last patch, and i never had a problem with. Maybe if you keep having problems, you should uninstall and have fresh install from the begining?
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