Mini ninjas version 1.0


First time, i play mini ninjas till water castle stage, then load map screen appear & crash !

Then i tried to load earlier map, but none work. All crash at load map screen !

All map can't be load, Why ? Because "save game" is corrupted already !

Even reinstall game, didn't work ! Because "save game" is corrupted already !


Just play new entire game ! again !

---> Delete or backup your old save game too ! (In case, patch in the future can fix it)

This time, u must keep backup your new save game every stage and/or mini stage

Where is my save game ? Here below:

C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXXXX\My Documents\Eidos\Mini Ninjas

---> u just alt+tab after u save check point or finish boss stage

---> then backup "playerprofiles.bin" to other place or rename it

---> keep doing backup every stage , every mini stage to ensure u have it

before it corrupted somehow sometime !

Note: backup each one in different places or names

That's it...

In my case, i got lucky, 2nd time i play , i got no crash till the end of the game

If u play and crash again, just delete or backup the latest save game, and use earlier

good save game insteaded.