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    Too Dark

    Windows XP
    Pentium 4 1.5 GHZ
    1280 MB of RAM
    Direct X 9.0c
    Nvidia GeForce MX 400

    I'm experiencing some problems with the original
    Deus Ex game. Maybe there are solutions out there?

    First, I cannot get the Key Ring out of my bottom-of-screen
    inventory list; I cannot drag it from this box into the main inventory.

    This leads to the next problem:
    The reason I want to drag the Key Ring out is that as I move along,
    even the tiniest movement of my mouse in the wrong way causes
    the inventory to rotate; that is, the item in my hand clicks over to the
    next item in the list, without my wanting it to.
    I've set mouse sensitivity as low as it will go, yet this problem persists.

    Another problem is darkness. Even when I increase the settings
    on my monitor, everything in the Marketplace area is incredibly dark.
    I pull the curtains closed in the room to eliminate glare, I sit closer to the
    screen, but, nope, this has been configured much much too dark.
    I've got the bioenergy night-vision eyesight (or whatever it's called)
    but that won't stay on long enough to be actually useful.
    This isn't a "fun" or "atmospheric" element of the game, it's just
    plain frustrating and spoils the fun completely.

    Next problem is precison. The "feel" of the game is weird.
    I've turned off "charachter bob" (or whatever it's called) but I still
    always feel a little bit out-of-control of the charachter, as if I'm
    on a boat in choppy water. The response feel just isn't right.
    I guess the best way to describe it is a comparison. For example, the
    game "Far Cry" made me forget the interface completely. I felt as if I
    was IN the game because the responses were so precise. It was like
    being on railroad tracks when I moved around, exact control.
    "Deus Ex" feels.....wobbly, watery, uncertain.

    I cannot find an option to look at a map. The marketplace area is incredibly dark, and it all feels as if it were deliberately designed to be
    difficult to navigate.

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    The key ring can't be altered - same for augmentation slots. Also, try increasing gamma from the game itself (options -> display -> gamma).

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    As kdon already said, you can't do anything about that keyring, I'm afraid. It's the only item in the tool belt (the bottom-of-screen inventory) that is permanently fixed in place.

    As I understand it from reading your problem, you're switching between items in your tool belt just by moving your mouse around? That does sound bizarre, and not something I've ever heard of happening before. You're not nudging the mouse wheel at the same time, are you? Many games usually use the wheel for weapon/item switching, sometimes even when the control config doesn't list it as such. It's something I find annoying especially when I'm using the wheel as a button and I accidentally roll it when I actually wanted to press it instead.

    It may sound like an obvious "well duh!" suggestion that you've already checked on, but it wouldn't hurt to double check your control setup for the game. Item switching through mouse movement alone just sounds really out there!
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