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  • Gameplay

    51 58.62%
  • Graphics

    77 88.51%
  • Story

    30 34.48%
  • Controls

    55 63.22%
  • Environments

    62 71.26%
  • Camera

    32 36.78%
  • Music

    42 48.28%
  • Length / Challenge factor

    14 16.09%
  • Lara's Look

    58 66.67%
  • Enemies/Combat

    31 35.63%
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Thread: What did CD do right in TRU?

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    Post What did CD do right in TRU?

    It's about time we get some positivity going for TR. Even I will admit I have been a little downcast about TR. Let's for once have a thread tottaly about what CD are doing right. Please keep comments positive. Vote with thought rather than all yes or all no.
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    Well lets see... the first level was designed great. Swimming to the depths in search of a tomb was awesome. And also the sinking ship. CD needs to play some more with a moving environment. The weather was cool.

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    I went with Gameplay, Graphics, controls and camera. I really liked the game mechanics of TRU and the incredible next gen graphics. Many aspects eg. Music, Story needed more work but some TRU aspects like graphics were best in series so far.

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    Gameplay was fair, good controls, the graphics were outstanding, the environments were beautiful, the story was good, and the irony , the music was good too, i loved the Amanda's Ship, from the deluxe edition TRU music download off of the TRchronicles site, lara looked amazing, even if she did look a little older she still looks amazing for her age 8)
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    Graphic, environment and Lara's look. I would've pick the story as well, because it is indeed intriguing, but the too many giveaways and some inconsistencies kinda rob it away.
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    Graphics were best thing about the game for sure. Al the contopl type thingsd though were fine and very easy to learn. The enemies were fairly realistic in appearance. Story was close to being good. If they had tightened it up and put more into the doppelganger part of it rather than Mother story then would have brilliant.

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    Ahhh, finally a thread about TR Underworld being a great game... There are too many who don't like the game...

    I chose everything except the camera and the length of the game...

    The camera gives me a headache sometimes, and the game should have been longer ... That's why I love Anniversary... So many levels and they are the right length...

    Otherwise, the game is perfect!

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    Everything except enemies/combat and length/challange factor

    The enemies had the brain of a 2-year-old and were too dumb to hit you, but the tigers didn't know when to back the up so you can get up
    The game was short, not really challanging, NUNTEHLEZSZ it was fun
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    Lara's Look, Music, Controls and Environments
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    Not really TRU's biggest fan but the graphics were incredible and the camera and controls really sollid too. Enemies were good even if not varied enough.

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    Most things were done pretty well so went yes on most. Best things were the ememies were scary and graphics great. The music could have been better and the game more difficult.

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    Big Grin

    I like most of them except these:

    ~ Camera: Sometimes the camera has shown Lara from the wrong angle and i didn't saw anyhing

    ~ Lenght/Challenge factor: The game was a bit too easy for me

    ~ Enemies/Combat: Most of the enemies were stupid specially the Viking Thralls/ I missed a bit more action

    Other than that this is my favourite Crystal game

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    Lara's look is the most impressive for me, maybe because I look at her too many times?
    The combat system is quite interesting, I usually end up kicking the bad guys to death instead of shooting them

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    Well almost all of the options, they did almost everything right. The only one i may not vote for would probably be Story. It's not like i thought the story was bad, but Underworld's story telling skills just weren't as good as past TR games, but i found piecing together the Norse's story via cutscenes and Lara's journal very interesting. As for Challenge factor and length. I thought that the challenges they were giving were very right, IMO the challenge from TR should come from figuring out what to do/where to go in your environment and puzzles, and this is how Underworld challenged the player, it could have just done with being a bit more harder. As for the length, i would have liked it to have been longer. But apart from that, a perfect Tomb Raider, it was everything great about the series and missed out anything that has marred past games.

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    None of the above. Well, perhaps the music was tolerable.

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    I gave them a tick for everything on the list, the only things I was not happy with was the lack of polish, and the camera on the PC was bit too sensitive. The PC camera problem was not really CD's fault. I actually preferred the new camera features to the older versions, knowing precisely when Lara could safely make a jump while hanging or on a ledge completely removed most accidental deaths. I still managed to accidentally kill poor Lara a few times, but I would need an entire new nervous system and a new pair of hands to fix that problem. Crystal Dynamics made it as easy for me as they could. I also liked how Lara would vanish when obscuring the camera, although it made it a bit hard to get a look at all that detail on the model.

    Graphics looked great. Weather effects especially in Mexico and the Andaman Sea looked fantastic. Music was good, not too invasive and the choir added a nice dramatic effect (and interesting hints). The story was interesting although I still think I missed out on some of it, I liked how the journal gave us extra info on what Lara had seen in her travels, and the comments at the start of each level like in Legend added interest.

    Jumping on the thralls created a laugh at first, Lara pretending to be Mario but still it was fun and there were a variety of ways of getting rid of the thralls. Again the little touches with some of their comments as Lara disposed of them was nice. The tigers and avoiding them was a challenge, the special moves and even just being able to kick them when they got too close added to the fighting. Bike was fantastic, no control problems like in Legend and at least in the next gen versions it was fun tearing around some of the areas. Lots of outfits even if there were no unlockable ones.

    Unlike most yes I was happy with the length, a bit longer would have been nice but still it was fine. But then I was happy with the length if TR1 and apart from Chronicles and Legend have never complained about the game not being long enough. Mind you I would have expected the PS2 version to be a lot longer than it was, but then it was lacking in a few other things as well.

    Fortunately there is nothing in the poll about bugs or lack of polish, features or dlc.
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    In my point of view, CD did everything right apart from the camera, which isn't extremely disturbing, if you ask me.
    I received a great game with exquisite environments, outstanding atmosphere, which gives the feeling that you're actually in the game. Most of the fans weren't very pleased with the story, but I find it quite intriguing. The music in Underworld is simply a masterpiece, the way it merges with the environment is fantastic! Finally, I love the way Lara looks in Underworld, the best thing is that she's quite similar to classic Lara.
    If CD were to work on one thing, I would say that replayability is what should be expanded. I believe that in those days replayability is more important than the actual lenght of the game.

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    Most things were done right but but story and music problems spoiled it a bit..

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    I'm going to be pretty harsh and say I don't think they did anything right. I'm not coming from the corner "This isn't TR" by the way.

    I'm not critizing it for the heck of it but that's my take on "what did CD do right" The music was pretty cool though!

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    I loved the story, especially the relationship between Lara and Amanda and how they had to team up to stop Jaqueline Natla.

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    I really struggled with the camera.

    I struggled with the controls (but not nearly so much as AOD).

    It was too short.

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    In my opinion, they did so many things right with TRU.
    The level design is great, the graphics are incredible, the gameplay is smooth, the music is epic. Some people complain about the camera, but honestly, I never had any trouble with it. It's certainly not as annoying as it was in TRA (I absolutely hated some of the wall-running segments in TRA because of the camera.)
    The only two problems I have with TRU are:
    1. The game should be a bit longer
    2. The story is fine, but it feels like the designers changed their mind. They spent all that time in TRL setting up the King Arthur/Avalon story line, and then we get to TRU, and they basically say, "Oh, that was a mistake, it actually wasn't Avalon after all. Sorry 'bout that!" But, on the other hand, I find the Norse mythology more interesting anyway.
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    Graphics were amazing but game overall too easy and short.

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    I voted for graphics, environment, story, music and I think that's it. My favorite area was Thailand. The music in that was especially awesome. I liked how we could pick from a few outfits before playing the game and choosing weapons was cool. I wish there were more outfits to choose from though.
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    I voted all yes, because (as far as I can remember), I thought they did a good job on everything with the game. It was fun to play, and just difficult enough to make it last for a while.

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