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  • Gameplay

    51 58.62%
  • Graphics

    77 88.51%
  • Story

    30 34.48%
  • Controls

    55 63.22%
  • Environments

    62 71.26%
  • Camera

    32 36.78%
  • Music

    42 48.28%
  • Length / Challenge factor

    14 16.09%
  • Lara's Look

    58 66.67%
  • Enemies/Combat

    31 35.63%
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Thread: What did CD do right in TRU?

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    I also don't quite understand why so many people dislike TRU...maybe because of the bugs, but I never really had any problems with that. I actually played TRU the first time on the PS2, then upgraded to the xbox 360 (also have the wii version) what a difference. I absolutely loved the music, the graphics (360 only), and the environments were just awesome. I also liked what they had done to her looks and especially the addition of motion capture (not sure if they used that for everything, or just the cutscenes). I keep replaying it just to see all of the cool places again
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    Pretty much everything except camera (Which is never right in a TR game ) and length (It's too short) from my POV.

    I think TRU is the best of the CD games.
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    Voted yes on all but the length and story as the end seemed rushed.

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    Everything. .It is all good and could hardly be better. Very very nice.
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    Controls are great in TRU. You can sneak, walk, run and sprint in the PC version (mouse, keyboard). In TR2013 you can only walk slow and run.
    Climbing and vertical movement in TRU is the best in the entire series.
    TRU had a nice simplistic close combat system.
    Story and mood were great.
    Locations awesome and puzzles not as easy as TR2013.
    Cruising with the motorcycle through tombs is unparalleled.

    I like the new TR reboot very much, but I dearly miss the old style. Underworld was in many ways the peak of the franchise. I only hope that CD gets it back there with another TR.

    I voted everything, except enemies and camera. Dunno why enemies, they are good, but camera still has these auto rotating annoyances as every TR game. That's the only real flaw for me that buggs the series.

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    TRU is excellent. I love it. Atmosphere and levels are great (though maybe a bit more variation could've sufficed). Enemies were good. Difficulty was probably around the same level as TRA's which was adequate. Vehicle riding was great, the fact that it was PROPERLY used in Mexico was great. Story was a bit weak, but the best out of the trilogy, however, the leaked and early story sounded much better, actually. Gameplay was the perfect fit for a TR game, felt like the classics, but also felt more modern. Shame it flopped.
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