Thread: Agghhhh help

Agghhhh help

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    Agghhhh help

    Guys i was heading to the batcave for the first time and i went into the room/cave with the skulls (from the benchmark test) i blew up the wall got the trophy but i cant grapple to the next ledge on the opposite side.... am i missing something

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    before i get shouted at.. and for anyone that hasnt seen my posts on here before/

    I HAVE bought the game

    I DO NOT use a crack.

    I got B:AA from GAME and i downloaded all the patches and DLC from GFWL without incident this is the first problem i have had and id really like to help get it fixed

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    oh my god, it was me i was being completely retarded... you gotta climb up that one not grapple.... phew i was so worried there for a moment.

    This whole put glitches in a game thing just makes me worry everytime i play and get stuck.