Thread: Cant start game ATI user

Cant start game ATI user

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    Cant start game ATI user

    I purchased Batman Arkham Asylum on steam.

    When i try to start the game i recieve the message: Failed to initialise NVIDIA PhysX.Please install the latest NVIDIA PhysX system software...

    Windows Vista 64 Ultimate
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 videocard
    4GB memory
    3.17GHZ Duo cpu

    i dunno how to fix it to be able to play the game,plz advice

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    Did you try turning PhysX off in the options menu in the launcher?

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    yes i did,it stays the same on every option.getting the message again and cant start game

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    Found the problem by dumb luck ...

    i went to Steam/SteamApps/common/BatmanArkhamAsylum/redist and clicked the PhysX_9.08.14_9.09.0814_SystemSoftware application and installed the software.

    Game is starting up now,lets see how it plays now,.will update post

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    you need to install the PhysX software even though you don't have any capable hardware

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    I have the same problem. just installed the game today.
    I have a Nvidia 8800GT, downloaded the driver 190.62 from Nvidia But still get the message.
    Just re-installing the game to see if that helps.

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    Azrael do what smoker1977 did & you will be fine. No need to reinstall.

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    I have somewhat the same problem except I get no error. The game just won't start.
    I bought it today on steam and installed.
    I have windows 7 x64, intel quad core, geforce 8800 GTX and 8GB of ram.
    The demo was running just fine but the game isnt.
    I tried what smoker1977 said and it doesn't help. I also tried turning off phisx and still nothing.
    When I click start it shows me the small screen with batman and hangs there.

    Can anyone help me with this please?!?

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    Oneround, the game does hang on that small screen for about a minute or so before entering the game. I'm sure u left it for longer than that, but just incase you're super impatient, maybe leave it a bit longer.

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    After playing for about 6-7 hours with all options maxed i am trully amazed,smooth gameplay no problems whatsoever.
    Had a small audio issue but just had to reconfigurate my sound system(simply used autodetect on my soundcard option screen)some voices were not playing.

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    I have a gainward 4870 X2, works fine for me, tried with physX on normal got 9 fps so turned it off and never drops below 60 with everything maxed, physX was installed but isn't being used for me.

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    I think there is a small amount of cpu driven physx going on even if you don't have a suitable card or you switch it off.

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    Physx is part of the game for everyone. nVidia high end users get the enhanced stuff using hardware implementation, but yes ALL users need physx installed to handle the other physics in the game <-thas me hehe
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    So everybodys using a bit of physx, oh didn't know that.