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Surveying my destruction

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    Question Surveying my destruction

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and this is my first thread. And my first post.

    And not only that, I'm new to the game as well.... just discovered how great it was looking a few days ago on GameTrailers.

    Anyway... so far I've been impressed with what I've seen and it looks like I'll be picking this up come June of next year, but there is one thing I saw in this video ( that bothers me a little bit, and it's not the red flashes. I actually didn't even notice that until I read about it here.

    My concern lies mostly with how rapidly bodies disappear, and wreckage too it seems. While it's not that big of a deal and won't stop me from getting the game, I was kind of surprised to see the player kill a few guys/hook guys to walls, turn around, and then turn around again to find that they've disappeared. It also looks like the chopper in the end of the video that the player abandons disappears before it hits the ground (kind of iffy with this, you can barely see it).

    If you're anything like me, after you've exterminated an outpost in any game, you like to see the havoc you've caused present at least for a little while. I mean, if I go ahead and hook a guy to the edge of a sky scraper, walk ten feet, turn around and look at him again, I want him to still be there. If i juggle a body 20 ft up and halfway into a lookout tower, so his feet are dangling out the window, I want to be able to admire my work for more than a few seconds.

    Like I said, this isn't an issue I'd become fussy about... it is an open world game with lots to do, and the system can only handle so much, but I'm curious to hear how you all feel about it. Maybe mycoldman could give his input?


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    dude welcome to the forum first of all. but it is so nice to read a decent post and great question/concern. i would also like to know the answer to this and wonder if maybe it could be changed.
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    Yeah, i would also appreciate looking at a guy hanging 100M of the ground
    Please Mycoldman, can you tell us if this has changed
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    Yes, everything dissappears too fast, but maybe if they try to keep things on screen it slows down. I wish they fixed it but, mm...
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    Thanks for the responses. I think it's an important issue that's overlooked in certain games... Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for example. I never bought it, but I remember blowing up a tie fighter in the demo just to have it fade out of existence 2 seconds afterward. It almost takes the fun out of destroying it in the first place.

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    I'm Redskins, and I approve this message

    No but seriously, I bought Star Wars Force Unleashed, and I tottally agree with you. Was a good game (Though it didn't live up to the hype or promise), but it really kinda ruined the immerseivness when you'd kill a storm trooper, he'd die, then his body would disappear, and same with tie fighters etc.

    I'd hate for this game to have the same issue. To me, it would almost ruin the joy of destroying things, cuse what was the point? I'm not saying I won't buy the game, but I won't enjoy it as much

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    I think the disappearing bodies and objects is an early build thing.

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    It could possibly be from an earlier build, but I'm not sure if different builds of games have much to do with things like disappearing objects/bodies. I thought they were more for the addition/subtraction of game elements and triggers. I don't really know what I'm talking about though.

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    i think they will fix this in six months is our profet notices this post and delieveres it to the Panau-creators

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    Maybe this could be controlled under a LoD (Level of Detail) setting for the engine. The higher the LoD is set, the longer wreckage and bodies stick around.
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    Like you never noticed the 'red', I never noticed the rapid removal of rag dolls. :O
    I'm sure that you will be so highly engaged in the action that small things like this won't even cross your mind!

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    they need to fix the LoD, someone at neogaf though it was too bad

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    its just in polishing it probabley wont be in the actual game!!