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Thread: Temporal distortion during SR1?

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    Silly kids, there can't be any history changing. FREE WILL IS AN ILLUSION.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
    One thing that confuses me about all this is... the Kain at the start of Defiance... from reading the timeline explanations, is it correct to interpret that he's been there for 30 years (since he went back in time to the time of his birth, when the pillars were corrupted, etc.) or did he just use a time streamer device to go forward 30 or something? I guess playing the end of SR2 would help clarify this, or does it?

    Basically, at what point did it go from the Blood Reaver being shattered in SR1 to Kain suddenly having it again in Defiance? Where does he go to get it?
    Kain is 30 years old in BO1.
    The start of SR2 is the day he was born. Hence, 30 years before BO1.
    At the end of SR2, both Kain and Raziel are 500 years (or was it 200) before BO1.
    At the start of Defiance, Kain is still where he was at the end of SR2, but Raziel is back to the BO1 era when young Kain is 30.
    At the end of Defiance, the EG gives Kain a lift to to same era as Raziel.

    Kain kept the Blood Reaver after saving Raziel from it at the end of SR2, but will need to return it to the past at some point so that William the just, then young Kain, then the Hylden Lord, then BO2 Kain can get it and keep it until SR1 where he smashes it over Raziel's head and it becomes the wraith blade.
    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampmaster View Post
    Kain and Raziel are 500 years (or was it 200) before BO1.

    Good explanation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostlion88 View Post
    OOH! I like that idea! There's a theory that the entire timeline of our real-life universe repeats itself over and over, and our souls do everything again and again, which accounts for deja vu. Possibly if we subconsciously (or--erm--sub"spiritually") remember things that have happened to us before we could gradually make little changes to history (e.g. In the next universe Hitler doesn't become an antichrist and kill trillions of people, or Bush doesn't get elected, or LOK games sell many more copies, etc.) Perhaps Raziel and Kain could contrive some new wild plan in a brand new loop that would yet change history again.
    To quote Harvey from Farscape:

    "If nudged closely enough to course, events have a way of restructuring themselves. If the participants are the same, the venue's the same, the motivation's the same, then, well, the outcome is likely to be the same."

    If the whole universe repeats ifself over and over and know one knows anything of the previous loop, then it's unlikely that the current one would be any different. There's been no indication that Raziel remembers anything from before he became a vampire, let along a previous loop in his existance. Moebius mentioned time being a loop, but only one time when speaking in riddles to manipulate Raziel into doing his bidding. If it did have any meaning at all, I'd think it just referred to Raziel and maybe Kain crossing an earlier point in their own timeline and not the entire universe.

    When Raziel heals the broken reaver in SR2 and then willingly enters it in Defiance, he is merely patching up the paradoxes that were created earlier in the series, allowing history to return to a course it can cope with where it would otherwise have to expell Kain and Raziel from history.
    "If events are matched closely enough to course, they have a way of restructuring themselves to familiar outcomes." ~ Scorpius, Farscape

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    When Moebius mentioned time being a loop, I took it more to mean that the path of history is set. You can alter things a little bit, but you're never going to be able to break free (i.e. every event is connected, you can't change anything major without tearing all of history down, which we all know either leads to expulsion or circumstances shifting to not allow the change to happen). That would be why Raziel can be saved from the wraith blade a thousand times, yet in the end he'll always be doomed to his fate.
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    How major is major? Raz managed to keep Kain alive, and unless he's suddenly had a huge change of character post defiance he's not going to sit idly by and watch things happen. The only thing the Timestream refuses to allow so far is impossibilities like Raziel devouring a younger version of his own soul.
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