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Thread: Batman Arkham Asylum Title Patch(Rapidshare,2shared)

Batman Arkham Asylum Title Patch(Rapidshare,2shared)

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    Gonna test it with the Gordon crash solution

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    Originally Posted by demonbat
    Hasn't done it, I've already downloaded the two map packs but no update is on it or has popped up to download either
    i've got this same problem, logged to live, downloaded dlc, done whatever they write here and it doesn't try to download this f* patch! i've disabled firewall

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    Originally Posted by jaycw2309
    Heres the checksum/md5 details for the files in the patch installer.. For those who get it via `other` means

    I am trying to find out if we can actually distribute the patch outside of Live, as you can imagine we may be tied into MS for this so isnt something we can just do quickly
    Could you post the md5 or an .sfv file to check against that file the integrity of all the files instead of posting an image ? please!!

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    i just tried getting the patch off live and i waited an hour and it still wouldnt finish...would be nice if i could get it officially without live

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    Is this patch going to work for the D2D version?
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    Yes , its working d2d version

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    Thank you for putting those files here. Sad to say... Polish version of the game is not downloading any patch at all... I just had enough of it, almost always polish patches are coming out later than "the rest of the world", I even dont know if polish publisher is going to do something with this patch, I hope the rapidshare version will work with my pl version. Next time Im gonna use some kinda D2D... I will pay more, but will have a normal, full product that I payed for -_-'

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    Hi, just wanted to say that I've been having problems with downloading these two files.

    For one, the 2Shared link doesn't seem to appear to be working, and the rapidshare ones have for some reason claimed that I already am 'downloading a file' even though I hadn't even visited Rapidshare before then.

    Anyone have any advice on what to do here?

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    patch is here

    you can find the patch on it, unzip,copy in batman a.a folder and run. wait a while and then after installing restart your computer.then play.

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