Thread: Mini Ninjas UNFAIR Price on Steam (EU)

Mini Ninjas UNFAIR Price on Steam (EU)

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    Mini Ninjas UNFAIR Price on Steam (EU)

    Alright, so I have a question here...

    The devs who made this game would obviously want it to be bought and not pirated right? I personally do not pirate, I want to support developers by buying games and thus proving that there are people out there who do in fact appreciate games and the developers who put their time with developing them for us!

    But, how can I even remotely support buying this game when I live in the EU?

    These are the prices for Mini Ninjas on Steam sorted according to their region:
    US: $29.99 (20.56€)
    This is alright I suppose. Good price indeed...

    UK: £29.99 (67% higher) (34€)
    This is a sham, but still, this is normal for Steam, EU customers ALWAYS have to pay more than US customers on Steam. Nothing unusual.

    EU: 39,99€ (94% higher)
    BUT THIS. THIS is a freaking scam! What possible justification can you have for selling this game for this price? I live in Sweden, so I have to pay DOUBLE the price for this game just because I live in Sweden? And on top of it, I have to pay roughly 30% more than people in the UK have to pay? What the hell?


    Now, I wouldn't have said anything if the prices were all even, or at the very least, if there was no difference between the UK price and the rest of the EU, and if the UK price was a bit lower. Because then it would've been the normal Steam bull pricing, but this is just ridiculous...

    Do you really believe any one will buy this game instead of pirating it with those prices? Really? The prices are all over the Steam community so it's not like it's unknown either, and it's only going to spread more and more. I want an explanation, a justification for this.

    *edit* Obviously I could still buy it from a retail shop, but there is a sense of principle here, I don't want to support a dev that tries to rip off its customer base, and I am 100% sure I'm not alone in thinking this way.

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    I think it's not the DEVs who control this (IOI) but the marketers (Eidos)

    IOI does all the programming, Eidos does all the marketting.. So the pricing is Eidos' doing, not IOI's.

    (note: I'm not 100% sure if Eidos does any programming for IOI, but i'm pretty sure this is what's going on)
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    Originally Posted by Falkenwut
    I think it's not the DEVs who control this (IOI) but the marketers (Eidos)

    IOI does all the programming, Eidos does all the marketting.. So the pricing is Eidos' doing, not IOI's.

    (note: I'm not 100% sure if Eidos does any programming for IOI, but i'm pretty sure this is what's going on)
    Well, either way, I'd like to know from either of the sources as to their reasons for it. If IO had no way to make sure the prices were fair, then by all means, I'll buy it from a retail store. If they had a way, I'd like to know why it's so expensive.

    If it is as you suspect, that Eidos set the prices, then I'd like to hear from them. This is a forum hosted by Eidos after all, so a good reply shouldn't be to hard right?


    The steam group named "1€ ≠ 1$ (1euro1us)" has 21,310 members and it is constantly growing. They put an announcement on the pricing for Mini Ninjas, so all of those 21,310 members will see the prices. Most of those people are very passionate about the unfair treatment of EU customers on Steam, so you can bet many of them won't buy Mini Ninjas out of spite for this. But, and this is important, when devs/publishers have lowered their prices in the EU to fit with a more fair pricing, the group has announced this as well, and devs/publishers have been redeemed.

    21,310 people, hum, I wonder what that means in lost revenue.

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    This also isn't exclusive to Steam. I got the game from GamersGate and it's exactly the same. $30 for the American version, €40 for the European (and probably £30 for the UK one, haven't checked). So yeah, it's all Eidos.

    It's especially ridiculous on download games like this, as each copy sold is pretty much pure profit. It's a 6 gig download from the servers and that's it.

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    Prices come down quick. Maybe some patience?

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    Originally Posted by dark_angel_7
    Prices come down quick. Maybe some patience?
    That's retail talk. It's definitely a lot more random for downloadables. It's true that Steam or GamersGate weekend deals happen all the time (in fact every weekend), but there's no timelimit on clearing out inventory so it isn't a sure thing. But your comment has nothing to do with this price discrepancy in any case.

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    Originally Posted by dark_angel_7
    Prices come down quick. Maybe some patience?
    No. Just no. This has nothing to do with having patience, it's about them trying to rip off European customers. Eidos, IO, whoever is setting the prices.

    If they lower the prices for this game on Steam, they better only lower the EU one and not the US one. Because if they lower both equally, it'll still be unfair. This is a matter of principle, not a matter of having the money to pay for it or not.

    I have more than enough money to throw at buying a game, but that doesn't mean I'll want to support such a crooked way of ripping off a userbase (the gamers).

    By setting the prices in this matter, what they're essentially doing is to insult the userbase who are willing to buy it. In their minds, they think we're stupid enough to buy it thinking it costs the same in the US, it's an insult. We're not stupid, this is the Internet, where news spreads faster than any where else, and I am going to make sure NO ONE in my friend circle buys this game for more than what it costs in the US (in other words, they won't buy it at all) until they at least lower the prices for the EU (they don't even have to lower it to the US price, just make it a bit more fair) or until they give a GOOD and justifiable reason for why they have these ridiculous prices.

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    It's the publisher that sells the actual game, sets prices, does marketing etc.
    IOI just creates the game for them.

    It kinda goes like this (usually):

    IOI: Hey Eidos, look what we have, a little Ninja guy that does cool stuff! We think it can be pretty cool. Want to give us a try?
    Eidos: Looks cool, that could appeal to our target audience. How much will it cost to make this into a full game?
    IOI: This much
    Eidos: Aight, fair enough, you get it done by next year september?
    IOI: Yeah ok
    Eidos: Cool, here is the money, go hire people and start working. Here are some PS3 and Xbox kits.
    IOI starts creating game
    Eidos: hmm, this is too violent, we need it to be TEEN rated, oh and some more things we need....
    IOI edits game to fit publishers wishes
    Eidos: Aight it already looks pretty good. Lets get the voice acting and localisation sorted out
    IOI completes game
    Eidos: Cool lets give it to MS and Sony to see if they agree to publish it on the 360 and PS3
    IOI: We are still testing i...
    Eidos: Whatever, hey Sony, MS lookey here, we want to sell these games for your consoles...
    MS+Sony: Hmmm, we want achievements, and it's too buggy, you ain't getting this crap out on our consoles
    Eidos: , ok, hey IOI! here is some money and some QA resources, fix those bugs and get those achievements in!
    IOI: ok ok, here. finished at last.
    MS+Sony: Ok, yeah now we'll allow you to sell it for our consoles.
    Eidos. Aight cool, looks good. Here is your money, five crisp bucks. Don't spend it all at once
    IOI: yaaaay. (sigh)
    Eidos: Ok, cool we're gonna put this game on the market, see you later!
    IOI: Em, if you want us to make patches for this game, we're gonna need some money to pay our devvers. Pretty sure there's gonna a few bugs along the way....
    Eidos: Hahaha, are you kidding? Good job on the game, now go do something else, we have some propositions for you, what about making a cool racing game, we still need one of those for next year.
    IOI: hmmm, well....maybe, we'll think about it.
    Eidos: ok, later losers.

    Eidos. Ok, we got the game, press it, print it, ship it.
    Gamers: Hey it's too expensive!
    Eidos: Eh, go away.

    Gamers: IOI, you suck your game is too expensive!
    IOI: Sorry, who are you? What game?
    Gamers: Micro Ninjas 23 of course!
    IOI: Ehm, we finished that project months ago, we don't sell games, we make games. We're working on Smurfs: return to Wolfenstein for the Atari now.
    Gamers: You suck! You suck! Where are the patches!
    IOI: We're not working on that game anymore, we don't have the manpower or the money.
    Gamers: you

    IOI: Why did we ever start a game studio...

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    I bought my retail DVD-Box copy online for 39.99 Euro. If the steam price equals the retail DVD-Box copy it is really a bit unfair. Since all you get are the games files and nothing more for it. In that case you can go out and buy at your local retailer.

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    wel first i saw the game on steam it was pritty exspensif then after a coppol of days steam have this 1 day discoundt offer the game was only 19.90 euro budt i prefer to have the retail version becos i colect games boxes so i by the game at a retail stor for 26.90 and that price was realy good not to much and not to less