Thread: should i get it for the pc?

should i get it for the pc?

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    should i get it for the pc?

    my pc can only handle on medium but max res i can play on very high but only for an hour before it overheats for some reason so yea i was thinking about getting it for the xbox instead it still looks amazing on my pc but thats why i came here i wanted to know if there were any pc exclusives or something like that otherwise i ll just get it for the xbox 360

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    The PC version has better graphics than the Xbox 360. That's all.
    But it sounds like your PC won't be able to cope with the full effects anyway. So I would say go for the Xbox version.

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    if you have a pc and an xbox and your pc cant handle it, well its a bit newbie question dont you think?

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    even without physx the pc version is much more beautiful in graphics than the xbox