Thread: New DLC - PC?

New DLC - PC?

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    New DLC - PC?

    I've been trying to read through most of the topics regarding the new DLC that is about to hit - if this has been talked about already I apologize:

    The DLC seems to coincide with the release of the PC version of the base game. My question is simple: Will the DLC be available for the PC version, or is it maybe already included on the disc? I've only seen PS3/360 mentioned

    Thanks for reading!


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    I'm sure it'll come out shortly afterwards, for free.

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    I'm happy to inform you, it will arrive at the same time.

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    Originally Posted by Drazar
    I'm happy to inform you, it will arrive at the same time.
    Is it going to be through GFWL only?

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    I really really hope the new DLC coming on the 17th is NOT the Crime Alley and Dem Bones maps!

    Not because I don't think they should be released at some point, they should, but because the game isn't even out in the UK until the 18th!!

    That would mean there was zero point in me pre-ordering the CE or from Game to get Dem Bones. I could have just gone somewhere else cheaper and saved some cash.
    Most people in Europe wouldn't have even played the map we specially went out of the way to pre-order before it's up for free.

    It would be great if we could have someone just tell us that No these aren't the maps coming please? Thanks

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    If it a challenge maps I hope its more Predator maps not combat ones.

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    Originally Posted by Henke123
    Is it going to be through GFWL only?
    OF COURSE it will be. What do you think GfWL is there for? Achievements, leaderboards and distributing DLC.

    Anyway, awesome news! Thank you, Eidos, I can't wait to grab my copy when Batman PC finally hits the shelves.