Thread: A question about pc versions cut scene.

A question about pc versions cut scene.

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    A question about pc versions cut scene.

    I noticed the console versions cut scene are in realtime,but in the pc demo all the cut scene are pre-recorded,will the final version be the same?if it is,i will be disappointed,imagine when you are using costume suit,but in the cut scene the batman still wear the original one.

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    Is the cut scenes in the 360 version realtime in both the demo and the full game?

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    The 360 versions are videos as well, they just don't look as bad as it runs in lower res than the PC version.

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    On all platforms the videos are prerendered, they "look" better on the console because they "look" better than the games does on the consoles.....on the PC if you have a strong enough rig, your in game graphics will be suerior to the prerendered video, making the video seem of poor quality. On my 1080i CRT HDTV, the video looks sharper and more detailed on my PC, but theat may be just the screen.

    On the PC if your rig can handle it you get much larger and detailed textures, and loads more "eye candy" deeper lighting effects, AA, AF and tons of other slight but noticable visual goodies.

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    THX guys! i dont have to worry it anymore.