Thread: Anyone else bothered by the Boss fights?

Anyone else bothered by the Boss fights?

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    Anyone else bothered by the Boss fights?

    Realizing now that Ivy was the only Boss that even had a health meter. Everything else so far is Titans an Henchman. Scarecrow was pretty cool, but why am I fighting Titans and henchman for 20minutes and Zsasz gets done in 10secs?? Croc was cool but way to easy for the anticipation I had for knocking him around.

    Hopefully the last third of the game is more Villians

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    Hmm.. not an invalid point you make. I was feeling this by the end of the game as well. All bald, shirtless guys. Kinda made me scratch my head a little.

    Y'know which guys I absolutely hate? The taser guys. Just irritating as all get-out.
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    especially in detective mode

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    I agree about the boss fights. I was expecting better. But I had no problems with the taser guys.
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    Great game an everything but with all the story lines to pick form an the fact most villians are in arkham, why not use more? I hope they learn from this one and make the next one twice as big and three time as consuming

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    I was hoping Killer Croc was a challenge, the fact it gives away the method of beating any boss when u die is annoying. I kept closing my eyes on Poison Ivy a few times til I figured it out MYSELF.