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Thread: Favorite Boss Battle? *SPOILERS*

Favorite Boss Battle? *SPOILERS*

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    Favorite Boss Battle? *SPOILERS*

    Ok...don't read if you don't want to have the game ruined....there are huge spoilers.....

    Who is your favorite boss battle?

    -Zsaz Pt. 1

    -Titan Bosses



    -Zsaz Pt. 2

    - Two titans at once

    - Killer Croc

    - Poision Ivy

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    Mine was Killer croc because it had stealth aspects with it
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    I haven't fought the final boss yet, but so far the bosses have been meh Poison Ivy was the lamest of all...I'd have to say I liked Bane the best just because it was challenging to juggle the henchmen and fight Bane at the same time
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    I liked Poison Ivy and
    the best.
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    I would install a poll here to make it easier. My favorite would have to be

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    I don't have a favorite to be honest, they were all kind of ... meh.

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    i thought the croc battle was e ! my fav was probley the ivy one since it was the one that took me the most goes
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    My favorite boss was basically every Scarecrow scenario. If we're talking real boss, Killer Croc, though I wish you could've fought him for real.
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    you should try bane on hard trying to deal with him and thugs is pretty extreme

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    I know these probably are not boss fights, but the Scarecrow encounters were awesome.
    Also the Bane fight was good.
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    There are like 2 boss fights???

    Poison Ivy and a repeat amount of titan and henchman, and more henchman titan.

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    Originally Posted by BatmanBloopers
    There are like 2 boss fights???

    Poison Ivy and a repeat amount of titan and henchman, and more henchman titan.
    Bane wasn't a boss fight? News to me.
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    I think Ivy was the best "traditional" boss fight, while Scarecrow was the most memorable.

    But this seems to be the one area where the game is receiving criticism. I think for the sequel, they need to have a few more villains appear in cameos the way Mr. Zsasz did.

    They should reward players for seeking out references to other villains, by occasionally having them encounter a few. For example, if you discover the cell of Calendar Man or Riddler, a brief cutscene could show Batman inspecting it. Then the villain could appear and trigger a mini-boss fight that is unrelated to the main storyline.

    It would also be nice to see more variety in how you can defeat a boss. Since Batman has a variety of options for dealing with the generic bad guys, he should have the same kind of freedom when battling the main villains.

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    Scarecrows were the most memorable, shame the rest were very similar.
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    Agreed, Scarecrow really felt extraordinary. I think my second favorite was
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    personally the boss fights were all pretty easy, except bane because at first i had no idea what to do with him.
    ivy was wayyy to easy.
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    I think that the best boss battle has got to be the second Scarecrow encounter.

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    Thats true, the scarecrow encounters really gave me goosbumps.
    Its amazing how you actually like feel bad for bruce
    amazingly well done
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    scarecrow battle numero 2. it just screamed epic... though i do like the 3rd scarecrow battle too... just walkin as joker with batman strapped to the asylum cart thingy.... awesome
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    Really enjoyed all of the Scarecrow encounter's.

    The 1st genuinely made me jump when he appeared out of the body bag.

    The 2nd was amazingly chilling, and made me feel really bad for Bruce.

    And the 3rd almost tore Batman's mind apart. Even the 'extra' dose from Scarecrow couldn't finish him though
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    The Scarecrow encounters were easily the best in the game.

    Shame that most of the other battles weren't as memorable, save for maybe Ivy.

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    Did Kevin Conroy also voice

    It sure sounds like him in the second Scarecrow freak-out.

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    Originally Posted by TheSmileySackFaceMan
    Did Kevin Conroy also voice

    It sure sounds like him in the second Scarecrow freak-out.
    Yeah, according to the credits at the end, that was Conroy.

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    I really think that Zsasz was PATHETIC. Very very pathetic, he wasn't challenging, he was easy and did nothing. He's a strong fail.

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    I don't think that Zsasz was supposed to be a boss battle, really. Just a few cameos. Besides, has Zsasz really ever been an extremely challenging adversary? In many comics, Batman is able to easily take him down. I was just glad to see him appear. However, I do agree that making his encounters a little more challenging would have been cool.

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