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    "Brave Fencer Musashi"

    Hello SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS! how are you today everyone? I hope everything is just fine with you and all, you can always send friend requests or messeges to me at anytime and ask anything you want help with or to know about, you're always warmly welcome! ^_^

    In this thread, we're going to talk about a classic action role-playing game, which is "Brave Fencer musashi" from Square Enix (Square Soft), this game was released in 1998 for Sony PlayStation (PSone), another Japanese re-release was for the PlayStation Network (PSN) in 2008. ^.^

    This is my review of "Brave Fencer Musashi" in the 5 main game elements: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay and Overall Rank Title. ^_^

    >.< !May Contain Spoilers! >.<

    1- Story: A boy known as Musashi, reincarnated from the legendary Brave Fencer Musashi who saved the Allucaneet Kingdom from a monster called the Wizard of Darkness 150 years before, is summoned to the Allucaneet by its Princess &mdash; named Fillet &mdash; to save it from the invading Thirstquencher Empire. Despite being a young boy, Musashi is given the blade Fusion, and charged with the task of obtaining Brave Fencer Musashi's sword &mdash; Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence &mdash; before the Thirstquencher Army does. Although Musashi has no intention in saving the kingdom, he agrees to do so in order to return to his homeland. After Musashi recovers Lumina, he finds that most of the people from the Allucaneet, including Fillet, have been kidnapped by the Thirstquencher Empire. In order to rescue all the residents from Allucaneet and defeat the Empire, Musashi starts searching for the Five Scrolls, items representing the elements able to highly expand Lumina's powers and then defeating the Crest Guardians who protect the Scroll's crests which are able to expand Lumina's powers. ^_^

    2- Graphics: The envioroments are in 3D completely, they're colorful and detailed, the objects and visuals are not bad, the characters are made in fine polygons, just like those in "Final Fantasy VII", they illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura and designed by Koji Matsuoka. ^.^

    3- Sound: The sound effects are quite deep and pretty clear, but they're a little inaccurate sometimes, the voice acting for most dialogue are quite cool, the music is awesome and encouraging, it scored by Tsuyoshi Sekito, a former Konami employee. ^_^

    4- Gameplay: The player controls Musashi, who fights a variety of enemies using his swords Fusion and Lumina to save the kingdom from various threats, and who searches for five scrolls which will increase Lumina's strength and grant him new abilities. The game also features an in-game clock and day-night system that affects the townsfolk and some of the creatures in the field (namely, the Minku - creatures from whom Musashi can obtain berries to increase his overall health stat), as well as forcing the player to pay attention to Musashi's fatigue rating that goes up over time with lack of sleep, which as the name implies will have a deteriorating effect on his combative ability. To pass time, the player may also opt to collect the various action figures -which resemble more detailed models of nearly all the characters and monsters- available at the town toy store which stocks new items at the start of every chapter. Along the way, Musashi obtains parts from the Legendary Armor which allow him to perform actions such as climbing or performing double jumps. The two swords he uses have varied abilities and uses. Fusion, the sword that resembles a proper katana, is the more utilitarian of the two, used to chain rapid combo hits but has its true strength in what the game calls -assimilation- through which by charging and hurling the sword into an enemy Musashi can then absorb Bincho energy (an MP equivalent) or absorb the enemy's skill. On the other hand is Lumina, which cannot be effectively used in combos by itself; its real strength lies in Scrolls obtained through the game which imbue Lumina with various elemental properties. The two swords are often used in conjunction with certain techniques which are granted by various rescued townswfolk whom Musashi can observe. There are also several minigames and puzzles scattered throughout which must be completed to advance the plot. ^.^

    5- Overall Rank Title: For me personally, that will be {VERY GOOD} ^.^ Here's a video:

    ^.^ This is the end of my review thread, thank you so much for reading and feel free to add your posts ^.^

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    Hello Sam S Enix!

    I'm sure what I'm going to talk about isn't really related to your posting, but I am really curious to find out if there is a possibility for a remake or remastered version of Brave Fencer Mushashi on the upcoming consoles (PS4 & Xbox One). Do you think that this is a possibility and also, if this question is something that your not comfortable answering, could you point me the proper direction?

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    LET'S DO IT!

    Hey, anyone here wants a sequel for this game? I sure do.

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    Yes!! A reboot might be more in order, since there's a 2-game requirement for an HD remaster.

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    Cool Brave Fencer Musashi

    I think they should either remake Brave Fencer Musashi or put on the Playstation store for sell I miss this game

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    I absolutely LOVED this game when it came out. I played the Japanese version (Musashiden) and it was the VERY first time that I experienced the rumble feature! I remember the awesome feeling when Musashi would get on the raft or logs in the water. I never managed to find all the hidden characters and only played the game once. One of my favorite game experiences for sure