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Thread: Beta Invite Through Email Won't Work

Beta Invite Through Email Won't Work

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    Same here!

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    Linking steam seems to be the issue, linking accounts for betas is just a bit buggy right now, sure they'll sort it out soon ^_^

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    I've gotten the same problem. I looked under my square enix account, and sure enough, this game is registered into my library on the website. this is most likely an issue with linking accounts or some unknown stuff. can't blame the devs, because games that come out for closed beta get so much feedback in a matter of seconds that the devs are focusing on certain things at a time, like giving the older beta testers better experiences and adding fresh content :/ we'll get our turn, guys. patience is virtue.

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    I've been invited since Alpha and was never able to get this game going. I understand there is no need for compensation, but for the players whom support both steam, Square Enix and have bought kain out of their pockets, this is kinda disappointing.

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    problems activating beta

    beta nosgoth not activated properly
    I try to activate the beta but not activated, and now tells me it is already set but I get to download the steam nosgoth

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    ya im having the same issue having been waiting months for this. im confused as why we didnt just get the activation key u can enter because they have a page set up to enter them

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    wow you guys suck (SE)

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    I want to play some Nosgoth, if not then why send me the confirmation e-mail, so darn misleading

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    same here and for all my friends.

    apearently it has something to do with the confirmation, but my square-enix account is already confirmed, ww tryed again in a friends house and he had the same issue, even after resending and confirming the mail, no game on steam..

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    Invited into closed beta but..

    I press access the game and login but it tells me that I don't have access to the game. It's listed under my registered games as well but doesn't show up on steam. I linked my steam as well.

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    I am sorry but come on

    I am sorry if someone gets offended by this but, come on yall are not gonna help out the many people who got invites but yet they can't access the game. I mean seriously no body will address the situation and there is multiple people having this problem. Why send us the invite if we are going to get that message saying we don't have access to the game, which most of us do cause duh we can get on private forums. I have addressed this issue with the moderators and with no luck they can not solve this problem. I mean dang even the tech support is not able to solve this. Before you are like, calm down bro and take a chill pill and have you followed all of the steps.

    Here you go

    Got the email - Check
    Clicked on the email - check
    Logged in ! - check
    Linked my steam account - check
    Get the message saying I don't have access to the game but, I have it registered - 100% Check
    Talked to tech support - check
    Tech support told me what to do which is the list above - check
    Tech support told me to contact steam - check
    Steam said that everything is good to go and redo the steps above - check
    It didn't work so steam told me to contact tech support again - check
    I cleared my browsing data, history, cache, cookies - check
    Logged off of steam and square enix - check
    Relogged and linked my account again - check
    Still says the same message - yep
    Uploaded dxdiag to try to resolve the situation - check
    Dxdiag didn't help and its been 3 days since I have had this situation - yep
    Tech support then went brain dead and said "we are sorry for the inconvenience we will get back with you - ok

    So after reading this book of things I have already done any suggestions?

    Please feel free to tell me what I haven't done since 95 % of the things I have done I guess doesn't count

    I understand it's beta but, I fear the need to resolve this issue is a serious road trip and yall have no idea if yall can get it working.

    Like I stated I am sorry if I offended anyone I grew up as a young boy playing LoK and then this awesome game comes out for it and I can't even play lol.

    Before you read all this and are like hey dude I am gonna rage on you because we know you have done everything you possibly could to get this fixed and also Imma throw out there if neone gets to upset and starts yelling at me saying we don't know how to fix it!! and fix your dang grammar.....just don't because....really grammar is the real issue here? really?

    But anyway thanks for the invite I await to play this game in hopes to conquer humanity. Vae Victus!

    TL;DR - Well I am sorry if I am wasting your time with my information and possibly mind boggling your brain cause all you are probably thinking about right now is how much of a douche I am for asking for a little advice or how you totally believe I am raging...before you finish that thought....No I am not mad bro...I am just a little disappointed.....

    Yall have a good day and I am tired, just got home from a 12 hour shift to play some nosgoth only to get "were sorry but, it seems you don't have access to the game yet"

    I know you have alot of stuff to take care of and I am glad you are working hard to do it but, let the fans speak and our voice heard so maybe the possibility of a resolution could be in order.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I agree I never experienced this before in any other beta. Usually I am able to at least download and access the game but I can't even access or download this game. I don't feel like anyone is willing to help at all or at least tell us it is being resolved. I am quickly losing interest in this game because of the lack of support. What happens when people have issues when the game releases? Are they going to ignore us as well?

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    Thank you for your comment sir, I hope there is more people like you that have an opinion such as this. Heck, maybe if enough people type back on this post we can start a petition XD...jk of course don't ban me -.-....

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    Update: I tried a different browser and !!!! Nope dang nothing....oh well

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    i hope they fix this already :/

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    + The same problem

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    yes i have been waitn for a beta key forever i would like to join my friends in the game it looks amazing and i know my alienware will run it iwould just like to play your game please send me a key at akihikokirito@yahoo.complease please please

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    I tried that as well earlier didn't work for me either. I have done basically everything it just seems like they just handed out invites and ended up there were no keys left or something. No response yet on the forum which is quite annoying.

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    i have been waiting for ever for my beta key and now i got it but i cant use it even after i linked my steam acc. PLZ FIX THIS!

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    Try sending an email to They are quite busy with the recent launch of Closed Beta though

    Just to check, have you received an actual invite or just a confirmation e-mail saying that they have received beta application? Anyways link your Steam account with your Square Enix account and it should be in your account. You can also checkout this thread.

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    Same problem for me guys!

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    this is awful, I'm gonna tell everyone that Nosgoth sucks, twitter, facebook, etc.

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    So has anyone got this issue resolved yet? I contacted tech support again today (since it has been 3 days in a row I have contacted them and still no answer). I just want to play, that is all lol.

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    Originally Posted by KonkreteSmile
    ya im having the same issue having been waiting months for this. im confused as why we didnt just get the activation key u can enter because they have a page set up to enter them
    Seconded. I wish they had simply issued keys that were automatically entered via a link or entered manually from the email instead of whatever (broken) system they are currently using.

    Kinda sad that not only the game is in beta testing but the website infrastructure seems to be too.

    Don't think I even want to play the game anymore if they can't get their stuff together even on this. Only wanted to try it out because I'm a diehard LoK fan, but I suppose I wouldn't even like it anyways since it has almost nothing to do with Nosgoth other than the name, vampires, and vampire hunters. It's not singleplayer or even the same genre of a game (SP RPG changed to MP-only shoot 'em up... really???). Seems like a disgrace to the legend (or legacy, if you wish), no matter how much they try to slap it together to make it look like it has anything to do with Nosgoth in the first place.

    From the preview they posted, it seems like they are trying to catapult it into some esport status game. Likely to try to get esport deals and bring in money, not make a fun game for casual gamers. Something like 99.99% of gamers are not going to participate in esports and only a small fraction are even going to watch esport "shooters" (nothing compared to RTS, etc, that basically made esports). The whole premise seems dubious.
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    I am a LoK fan too bro, heck i have the symbol tattooed on my abdomen. I wouldn't mind epsorts to be honest. I would love this to enter the competitive scene even if they make money on it or not. I am all for the LoK storyline and believe if they put this in the right direction, Nosgoth could be a awesome story of what happened when Kain left. I am not to the point where I would say it is a disgrace but, I feel they could improve on some things and make a more reliable future for the game. Only time will tell my friend since this is just the beginning. They have a big job on their hands to please the LoK such as myself but, I feel they could pull it off once we get more and more into the future.

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